Some people think they will get an easy way out on the back of other hard-working co-founders. 

It will be an easy exit and fruitful operation with more intelligent co-founders to back them. 

It can work in the short run. 

In the long run, everyone has to perform. 

You are not in a government job where salary and blabbering keep you safe.  

Building a startup starts with co-founders working equally hard, having a clear vision, and being honest and empathetic for each other.  

Steve Jobs was an asshole, but he worked hard till the last day of his death. 

His tempers were accepted because he delivered, not just blabbered. Still, with all the money, he died alone. 

With shows like Shark Tank Media glamouring entrepreneurship, it makes wannabe 20s kids act and behave like assholes instead of working hard and dreaming big. One outline cannot be worshipped and seen as a success path. 

Building a startup requires hard work and it is not for everyone.