Nobody likes No for a request. Ego fuels anger and animosity. The ones who enjoy an upper hand will eventually force the minuscule fellow to do as directed. Why can’t we take no? Why can’t we be rational and listen to the other side of the story? Why do we have to burn ourselves and […]


The problem of power is not new. Many rulers were killed and the era of empires fell.   We, humans, crave for power. The craving for power is no less than consuming narcotics or drugs.   Some get lucky while others toil for power.   Alexander, Nero or Hitler: power dominated above everything for them […]


People forget these days that authority does not guarantee respect. It requires empathy and degree of commitment. If you are kind, impartial and treat everyone without any bias people will respect you. If you are in the sales role, you would be facing this daily. Every purchaser expects you to listen to them. They would […]

Success factors

I was reading Charlie Munger: complete investor and liked this section where the author talks about Berkshire Hathaway success factors. These are some of them: 1. Patient 2. Discipline 3. Clam but courageous and decisive 4. Honesty 5. Confidence and non-ideological 6. Long-term oriented 7. Passionate 8. Studious 9. Sound temperament 10. Frugal 11. Risk-averse […]


It is so easy for successful people to give all sorts of advice. Not that because they may listen to them. Actors, environmentalists, social reformers will cite hazards of firecrackers. They will burn it all during their wedding. A celebrity will talk about empathy on an idiot box, fans will cheer and celebrate. A few […]

The sensational six

In his book “driven to distraction at work”, the author talks about 6 ingredients to our well being. * Sleep * Nutrition * Exercise * Meditation * Stimulation (Engaging in learning something unique: a language, an art) * Connection (Meeting loved ones, friends regularly.) Many books are already written on the same subject. We have […]

Never worry alone

We all worry over unlimited issues. In the book “Driven to distraction at work”, the author suggests that one should share his worries. He/She should talk/call someone. Meet people over coffee and share the trouble. When you connect with your dear ones, share your pain, you will feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This will […]