Nepal is suffering & you are all responsible

Ordinary Nepali friends are in real pain & I have written about same before in my previous blog. Who are the real culprits for current situation: Nepali Politicians Nepali politicians are thick skinned. They are part of every deal be it taking bribe from India or China for giving contracts or  channeling  money to personal pocket […]

Random Thoughts: On television, newspaper & media

When I was a little kid we only had Doordarshan, India’s national channel & It had limited hours dedicated for news. Currently we have 25+ hindi & english channel catering 24/7 news.  If we add up entertainment/lifestyle/sports the list will go over 200. It is same with newspapers. I have not purchased a newspaper in […]

Who am I?

I am trying to develop a habit of reading, last week while reading one article I got to know about “Mundaka Upanishad“. Upanishad are suktis[chants] which teachers[guru] used to share among students in older days in India. There are 18 principal upanishads. On searching harder I got these 2 videos explaining “Who am I” using […]

Oli, Constitution & Indo-Nepal relationship

Constitution Nepal is still recovering from the aftermath of massive earthquake which killed over 10, 000 people and displaced millions. The rescue and aid operation in most of the affected part is still underway. At the same time the political parties in Nepal decided to pass its new constitution and it came into effect on […]