One thing which differentiates an organization is its culture. Founders need to lead it. There is a famous saying: “Monkey see, monkey do.” If founders are dishonest with board or investors. Can they expect honesty from their employees? A toxic culture fueled on masculinity or in-fighting with teammates will do more bad. Why will employees […]


Our brain is lazy. It takes shortcuts in decision-making states. That is when past experiences play its role. We all have had our share of prejudice. Our hairstyle and beard make us a hippie. What we are wearing makes other decide we are modern or traditional. All auto and taxi drivers are bad. Apartment security […]


I have read since childhood: The best defense is a good offense. With age and experience, I have modified this: The best defense avoidance. Some situations in life are best left and avoided. Your friend is backbiting, fight or completely avoid him/her. Your landlord is greedy, avoid getting mad at him. Change your house. Your […]


We are seeking approval from externals. This urge of seeking approval is hindering our creativity. In every aspect of our life, we are craving it. Blog posts are a source for channeling individuality, not page-views. What one wears has more to do with his or her comfort, not what others say. An entrepreneur should focus […]


Passion is a buzzword. It comes in most of my conversations with founders and friends in courtship. Passion is a valued currency in capitalism. We are selling it to each other. I remember being passionate about many things. With experience, I have come to realize that passion and anger go hand in hand. The more […]