Tips for attracting contributors to Open Source project

Empathy One of the first thing for getting new contributors is empathy. Existing members should be kind enough to answer all kinds of basic questions. The new comer might be new to the overall ecosystem and trying the tool for the first time.   Appreciation We all like being appreciated.  A thank you note, congratulation […]

Notes from reading: Total Freedom by J Krishnamurti

I got to know about  “J Krishnamurti” long back when my sister went to study at KFI Rajghat Besant school Banaras. But sometime back I got to know about his writing and viewpoint about life and all things Philosophy.  I am still in process of becoming a regular reader. Total Freedom has been one of […]

Random Thoughts: On Learn to Unlearn

Growing up in a society has its own perk. You are fed with certain kind of ideas, ideologies, prejudice[passed on generation after generation] What you should totally do is learn to unlearn : Bias fed by parents, society or religion. Past failures which would be stopping you for next risk taking adventure. Running for a […]

Random Thoughts: On competing with self

We are living in a competitive environment.  From time of birth to our death we are competing. We are competing over materialistic things: Grades in your degrees Salary you are drawing. Girl/Guy you got married to. How well off you are in your life with all the possession, vacation and life long luxury . $$ […]