The sensational six

In his book “driven to distraction at work”, the author talks about 6 ingredients to our well being. * Sleep * Nutrition * Exercise * Meditation * Stimulation (Engaging in learning something unique: a language, an art) * Connection (Meeting loved ones, friends regularly.) Many books are already written on the same subject. We have […]

Never worry alone

We all worry over unlimited issues. In the book “Driven to distraction at work”, the author suggests that one should share his worries. He/She should talk/call someone. Meet people over coffee and share the trouble. When you connect with your dear ones, share your pain, you will feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This will […]

Deep work

Reading “Deep Work” made me realize I am wasting my precious time. We are wasting time in the hyper-connected app-driven world. It is making us less productive. The author recommends allocating time in chunks for Deep Work. Productivity and deep work are proportional. He gives his example in practicing deep work and being super productive. […]

Thaler, NFL and Decision making

Richard Thaler is a Nobel laureate and author of the best selling book: Misbehaving. He is a popular figure in the area of behavioral economics. Last week when I was reading ‘Misbehaving’- the chapter on decision making caught my attention. It talks about how traditional ways of picking NFL players were resulting in losses. The […]

Book Notes: The Little Prince

The book summarizes journey of Little Prince, the interplanetary traveler: his adventure all along the journey. It included meeting inhabitants from other planets and understanding their priorities..” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote this book in french which later got translated to many other languages. It is just of 100 odd pages, one reason why i bought […]