There comes part in everyone’s life where he/she feels completely broken. The lucky ones end up finding a sail, a person/book/hook which takes us out of our screwed up present. I have had many friends, sail in my life and it helped me in shaping who I am now. Help others, pay it forward. Look […]


How many of us are living in isolation? We resort to social media applications, news feeds. Do we feel we don’t belong in this real world where we would interact humanly? Why do we have to take shelter to anonymous platforms to share our pain, happiness? Is it because with the advancement of technology has […]

Self herding

How many times did you end up buying a bigger or newer costlier coffee at your favorite roaster? You will know only if you check your expenditure on coffee. You repeated your own behavior and ended up drinking costlier coffee in bigger mugs. But what about the sample coffee barista offered you? Well congratulations, you […]