There are those moments in our life which are priceless: holding your newborn, the first kiss, mothers hug. We are too busy making money. The time we devote to earning supersedes over idleness. The more and more we engulf in the daily needs forgetting these little moments. These burnt of joy which helps our heart […]


Confusion and misunderstanding can affect any relationship: from peers to couples to parents with kids. Our ego makes thing more difficult. Instead of empathizing with the other side, we make a judgment. How many friends and close ones have you parted away because of this? With the advancement of technology, we have stopped talking face […]


Our mind is occupied with our urges. These could be self-created around our desires. Our desire to be someone we are not. Desire is like a void, the wanting to make an elephant run at a horse race. Marketers and advertisers have been selling us hope. Hope aligned with our purchasing power to become someone. […]


Hiring is not a challenge and is never a pain for startups. If you are running a startup, as a founder it is your job to spearhead the hiring process. Early employees are no less than owners of a startup. These simple questions will in itself give you the answers: Are you honest with your […]


I keep hearing about the funding news and how a startup is now a unicorn. I wish there was a similar announcement of metrics for customer satisfaction. If I am paying for a service, I expect it to be delivered well. While the price of luxury has increased over time, services have gone bad. Ask […]


I have never been a great listener. Ben Franklin and stoics considered listening as an important virtue. I am realizing this as my weakness and trying to work on getting better at it. At the same time, I had opinions on everything. It resulted in fostering animosity with many.


We all have our own life journey. We all face our own set of challenges throughout our life. Obsessing and cloning someone else’s journey will only do harm upon us. Our journey is like self-learning and self-healing. I am writing about it after interaction with dozen-odd friends of mine. Some have taken early retirement while […]