Man is by nature a social animal. — Aristotle We like the people around us. We share our stories, mingle, jest and merry. It is like a lifeboat, helping us to pass the high tide. Find a network, be part of one or build one. As we age we will need more company, communication, and […]


I have been a longtime worshiper of process, grit, and perseverance. In my naive understanding, I had this belief I that I can achieve anything with the ingredients mentioned above. I had to do the rethinking last week after chatting with my friends on my pace and heart rate. On reading more I realized I […]

Fix it

It is easy to complain about things around us. From traffic, plastic, corruption, pollution, corruption, Et all. This world is not perfect, it has got many opportunities for us. How about working together and fixing it. History tells us about it. From Martin Luther Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Ford, Jamsetji Tata, Steve Jobs to Elon […]


It is sad how we start finding reasons for everything. We forget that our life is too short to overanalyze and stress in every situation. Things are going fine, but why? Things are going bad, but why? We try to build our imaginary thesis on every situation. How difficult it is to stay calm and […]