Leaders are also a human-like me and you. They are no gods and they are prone to committing mistakes as well. Accepting a mistake and fixing it gets them more loved by their peers. In the end, an organization is a collection of many humans with unique persona and ways of seeing the world.


It is difficult to stay focused in this noisy world. Everyone has got advice for others. In building a product what matters most is your customers, who have got pain. Focusing on such a tribe is the only way to succeed. Everything else is noise. I remember my Hindi teacher repeating proverb: Elephant walk on […]


What makes us see things in the negative? Is it our life long conditioning or lizard brain? We give up easily and losing is the default assumption. How will we win without a positive mindset? What would have happened to Cars, if Ford had followed on buddy owners? What would have been to the society […]


It is good to be lost. We have more opportunities to think, introspect and question ourselves and the decisions we have taken so far in our life. Being lost is not a bad thing as we fire up more of our neurons and get in the zone of pushing more for seeking uncomfortable questions. Most […]


I find the airport center of innovation. Every time I travel I get to see something new. The premise is more efficient, making things get done quickly. Be it luggage drop, security check or getting your booking pass. Once you are inside an airport, you find a complete cosmopolitan. People from various sectors, society, backgrounds […]

human brain

Our brain is the most volatile organ. It is the operating system of us. If the brain is in shape, we are good. If the brain is out of place we are fucked. In the book Behave, Robert Sapolsky throws some light on the same. For simple reading, I have collected my learning about the […]