It is that part of the year when most of us are on vacation. In the US and Europe, it is time for celebration and meeting relatives/family. We in India with our diversity, we regularly get vacations. Anyways, this post is more about those who call themselves being on vacation and still hyper-connected on the […]


I was watching this documentary HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. It made me realize how vulnerable we are. The butterfly effect kind of phenomenon is for real. Small bunch of people are leading how human race should think, act or behave. HyperNormalisation (2016) by Adam Curtis – A different experience of reality << Sunday well […]

Show off

Social media is the place for validation from random strangers. How does it matter about your marathon timing, beer hopping, cat pics to me? Are we so alone or insecure that we have to post it with the world for approval, validation,  appreciations? A friend of mine said appreciation on social media acts as motivation. […]


Most of my friends are in a relationship be it by virtue or marriage or commitment. I am not going to argue if it is fear of missing out or societal pressure for this bondage. Some of my friends are not happy, they are treated like trash by their partners. Most of the time they […]


Crying is not limited to humans. Even animals cry. Crying is not limited to the flow of water coming through our eyes. There are scenarios, situations in our life where we have got a limited choice. The situations which need us to take action on short notice. * An accident on a highway with no […]