Show off

Social media is the place for validation from random strangers. How does it matter about your marathon timing, beer hopping, cat pics to me? Are we so alone or insecure that we have to post it with the world for approval, validation,  appreciations? A friend of mine said appreciation on social media acts as motivation. […]


Most of my friends are in a relationship be it by virtue or marriage or commitment. I am not going to argue if it is fear of missing out or societal pressure for this bondage. Some of my friends are not happy, they are treated like trash by their partners. Most of the time they […]


Crying is not limited to humans. Even animals cry. Crying is not limited to the flow of water coming through our eyes. There are scenarios, situations in our life where we have got a limited choice. The situations which need us to take action on short notice. * An accident on a highway with no […]

c-state versus f-state

In his book “driven to distraction at work”, the author talks about c-state versus f-state. C-state Cool Calm Collected Careful Curious Courteous Caring Consistent Concentrated F-state Fearful Fatigued Feeble Frantic Forgetful Feckless Flakey Fucked up He gives his advice to achieve C-state, acquiring f-state is natural behaviour of ours. 1. Having healthy snacks. 2. A […]


Nobody likes No for a request. Ego fuels anger and animosity. The ones who enjoy an upper hand will eventually force the minuscule fellow to do as directed. Why can’t we take no? Why can’t we be rational and listen to the other side of the story? Why do we have to burn ourselves and […]


People forget these days that authority does not guarantee respect. It requires empathy and degree of commitment. If you are kind, impartial and treat everyone without any bias people will respect you. If you are in the sales role, you would be facing this daily. Every purchaser expects you to listen to them. They would […]