Why do I have to become someone? Why can’t I have my own identity? To be successful in life why do we have to aspire to be like someone else? Why can’t we have life on our individuality? Who had everything figured in the mother’s womb? Our identity should not be defined or built on […]


We are in a boat, sailing in the uncharted territory. The outcome is not in our hands, but that should not stop us from sailing. The same applies to our life, purpose, and aim. We have to keep pushing ourselves in attaining them, enjoy the journey and should not worry about the outcome. My past […]


Why do we get into the zone of being bored? Is it because of our failed expectations or meaninglessness? Or is it because we are clueless about what now, what is next or not satisfied with the present? I don’t know but I keep hearing from friends being bored at work or watching a movie […]


I had fatigue every time I heard people talking about equality. Our country, culture is so divided and diverse that equality is a dream. One thing which has more power over equality is education. It is a great equalizer. With proper education, we are capable of choosing life on our terms. Most developed countries had […]


Nature is what I have been missing from my life. I grew up enjoying summer holidays with my grandma, eating mangoes, guavas and other fruits from orchids, bathing in bore well pumps. Most of those are gone now. We have house The village, the charm, and melas around Navaratri, the playful fun during Holi have […]