I have been scared of everything earlier: past, present, future, relationships, career, health. I lived in my own little world, hatching my own dreams. I was scared of living in reality. Why was I scared of losing: possession, prestige, people. Looking back I have realized, I was naive. How much does my existence mean when […]

Old age

Part of growing up is seeing parents getting old. Old age is no different than early childhood. It requires proper handling of emotions, conversations, and situations. Anything and everything can trigger displeasure. At times, things go south. But in a wider picture, It teaches us a lot about empathy, compassion, respect and caring.


Democracy is a great equalizer. It requires no degree, caste or class for electing a representative or becoming one. All it requires is keeping voters believe in you. This can be achieved via fueling hope and banking on emotions. We voters forget past, we don’t judge. We are like a herd divided on caste, religion, […]


There are those moments in our life which are priceless: holding your newborn, the first kiss, mothers hug. We are too busy making money. The time we devote to earning supersedes over idleness. The more and more we engulf in the daily needs forgetting these little moments. These burnt of joy which helps our heart […]


Confusion and misunderstanding can affect any relationship: from peers to couples to parents with kids. Our ego makes thing more difficult. Instead of empathizing with the other side, we make a judgment. How many friends and close ones have you parted away because of this? With the advancement of technology, we have stopped talking face […]


Our mind is occupied with our urges. These could be self-created around our desires. Our desire to be someone we are not. Desire is like a void, the wanting to make an elephant run at a horse race. Marketers and advertisers have been selling us hope. Hope aligned with our purchasing power to become someone. […]


Hiring is not a challenge and is never a pain for startups. If you are running a startup, as a founder it is your job to spearhead the hiring process. Early employees are no less than owners of a startup. These simple questions will in itself give you the answers: Are you honest with your […]