It is sad how we start finding reasons for everything. We forget that our life is too short to overanalyze and stress in every situation. Things are going fine, but why? Things are going bad, but why? We try to build our imaginary thesis on every situation. How difficult it is to stay calm and […]


Sometimes we laugh and make jokes on our peers. In the moment of time, we don’t realize it’s long term effect. The joke might not sound sexist or racist to us but it leaves its mark on a longer run. Keep laughter to a minimum; do not laugh too often or too loud. — Epictetus […]


Social media is a double-edged sword. In one side it connects the world closer for good while on another it is for mercenaries. Mercenaries on social media are a set of people who are very prejudiced and biased. They are also agenda driven. In the past, we have seen many deaths because of these people. […]


Running a startup is like running a Linux Kernel. Early employees are important threads. Some founders go out to raise and then build an army of employees. They along with their investors for the hope of shipping product quickly. Sadly it never works, one reason being expectation mismatch. Founder expects new hires to be as […]


A few years back I was told attitude never changes. I was struggling with myself at work and personal life. Reading an article on attitude a few days back, bought back the memory. We are living in this cosmos which exists on the premise of evolution and change. How can we not change our Attitude? […]


Incentives act like serotonin. It makes us feel happy. It is not limited to an age group or humans. BF Skinner performed variable rewards experiment on pigeons. These days mobile application providers are using the same on us. Incentives are not limited to money but can come from appreciation and actions. A doctor operates an […]