Price is part of every transaction. At times price becomes immaterial because our needs are non-monetary. It has more to do with us, self-control. Epictetus in Enchiridion talks about it. Do you wish to win the Olympics? I do too, by the gods; for it is exquisite. However, consider the leading things and the things […]


There are times in our life when we are at the crossroads. Feeling clueless about everything: job, relationship, finances. clueless about our choices. The definition of good or bad makes no sense. Even with everything around us miserable. We are lost. It is good that one gets lost, it helps in knowing self better. Asking […]


Trust is a core virtue of humanity. Our life depends on it. It takes a second or one wrong action to lose trust. The aftermath of it destroys an individual. Many have lost their job, relationship due to mistrust. Don’t even comprise on trust. Some people have shaped us into who we are now, don’t […]


Don’t come to me seeking any advice. I have no bumper sticker attached. I am some random dude trying to figure out the meaning of self. Also, why should somebody seek advice from a random, who has no skin in the game or experiences? If you are on a journey and have figured out a […]


It is easy to criticize someone, situation or state of our nation. What is difficult is to be empathetic and help. Not everyone is lucky to know things. Most of us are still illiterate. This holds more especially if you are in people’s business. Everyone watches you, your steps and tries to learn from it. […]


Why do we have this division? Why did the almighty (if he/she, exists) not gave everyone equal opportunity? Why did he create this division? What was going on his/her mind? They created a class, then religion and then money. On top that they created a society where everyone had to be someone, where everyone had […]