Death is a great equalizer. It treats rich and poor equally. The materialistic wealth does not go anywhere with you. Famous kings and pharaoh had their tombs built with all the amenities. What happened to those? The thieves are digging for that wealth and pigeons are shitting all over those tombs. The famous Greek and […]


After leaving my fulltime job, I have been living in my own world. I decide and plan my day in accordance with my nature. When to surf the internet, whom to reply and whom to join for coffee is my decision. This living in my own world, like Silo mode, has made me better. I […]


Working with a small team has its own challenges. One has to wear multiple hats. While it makes you a multitasker and you end up learning many things, On the positive side, focus gets hit. The best way of handling this situation is to delegate some of the responsibilities to other members. I understand it […]


We all have our own aspirations (most of us). We like to become better or achieve something in life. It can be money or acquiring some skills. Some of us want to do this because have internal motivation for doing it. A few others do it out of survivorship bias. It requires meditation and absolute […]


We are surrounded by humans with a different mindset. Some as cheerleaders, collaborators, believers while few others as naysayers. It is important to rationally approach inputs of naysayers. It should not be discarded. They are the ones who will give you inputs which you would not have expected from your dear ones. Seeing the feedbacks […]


Better seems like a mantra for humanity. For Socrates, acquiring self-knowledge was a path for becoming better. Alexander stood fighting for a better empire. Our quest for becoming better every day is keeping us together. With advancement in our lifestyle and easy access to food, we are focusing on other aspects of us. Better is […]