There comes part in everyone’s life where he/she feels completely broken. The lucky ones end up finding a sail, a person/book/hook which takes us out of our screwed up present. I have had many friends, sail in my life and it helped me in shaping who I am now. Help others, pay it forward. Look […]


Imagine a life without any influence from externals. It will be like a blank slate. People say read, listen and watch to gain knowledge. How does it affect us and our behaviors? But is this much learning enough? Or this limited learning can leave some blind spots? Is it difficult to be rational after gaining […]


How many of us are living in isolation? We resort to social media applications, news feeds. Do we feel we don’t belong in this real world where we would interact humanly? Why do we have to take shelter to anonymous platforms to share our pain, happiness? Is it because with the advancement of technology has […]


Listening is one of the most important virtue for us. A good listener gets more love, respect, and recognition. This art can help us in being focused in all situations. A good founder grasps more from a board meeting. To me a great salesperson, you have to be a great listener. Not listening to your […]