I keep hearing about the funding news and how a startup is now a unicorn. I wish there was a similar announcement of metrics for customer satisfaction. If I am paying for a service, I expect it to be delivered well. While the price of luxury has increased over time, services have gone bad. Ask […]


I have never been a great listener. Ben Franklin and stoics considered listening as an important virtue. I am realizing this as my weakness and trying to work on getting better at it. At the same time, I had opinions on everything. It resulted in fostering animosity with many.


Fear brings the worst out of us. We end up imagining many unreal events. It makes us weak. Fear has fostered in creating many communities and religion. The fear of isolation resulted in forming many unwanted relationships. Why is it so easy for us to be fearful? Is it more to do with our consciousness, […]


We all have our own life journey. We all face our own set of challenges throughout our life. Obsessing and cloning someone else’s journey will only do harm upon us. Our journey is like self-learning and self-healing. I am writing about it after interaction with dozen-odd friends of mine. Some have taken early retirement while […]


Since the early days of my life, I felt sleep is overrated. My last few jobs required me to be awake on the clock. I did not realize much of its flip side then. After thinking about those days, a lot of my mood swings, sugar cravings and anxiety had to do with my sleep. […]


We are a working class. We have no time for leisure. We have left an era behind, where idealness fostered philosophy, arts, and innovation. More and more we are living a matchbox kind of life. Our 24/7 we are running like a machine: Wake up, eat, work, work and more work, eat, sleep. Getting a […]


Why do we have to crave for respect? Why do we need respect? Who are we to decide or ask for respect? You get respect with your virtue, your contribution to this universe for the greater good. Why does one has to treat his employees like a dog or his maid like a slave and […]