Celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday. I feel lucky to have survived so far in this journey of life. The quest for acquiring self-knowledge is still going on. What more do I expect from this amazing life: I have great friends and family members around me, I have enough money to pay for my bills and […]


Why is it so difficult to take NO for an answer? Is it because of our pride and ego? Why can’t we accept that not everything goes in our way? Why do we have to get furious and start hating the person or organization after hearing no? Why don’t we accept that rejection is part […]


One has to have a belief system of self. It helps us in all spheres of our life. It is not limited to selling, starting up but living a day to day life of ours. Having a belief is a cause makes purpose more achievable. It helps us in focusing towards goal with more positivity.


We have to find our path in this journey of life. We will get mentors and loved ones in the journey. But the path has to be chosen by ourselves. Our allocated time on this planet is limited, following someone else’s path will do no good. We have to ask ourselves about what we want […]


It requires coming out of comfort to lead a life on your own. I keep hearing from a few friends about starting up or settling down for past 3/4 years. Everything comes with a tradeoff. Either you keep sucking to your boss for a monthly salary or work on the dream idea. The dream idea […]