Many revolutions, movements, and innovations started small. What made is all successful was grit, perseverance, and luck. Modern-day entrepreneurship suggests the contrary. It trumps over a bigger market and continuous pivoting. In some cases, it has resulted in fantastic results while others failed miserably. Neither I am someone successful or a thought leader. All I […]


Why do we have to get offended what some invisible faced called us on Twitter? Why do we have to go into depression because of random feedback? We take so many things for granted, most importantly the feedbacks. We make ourselves vulnerable and perform even worse. We have a small life if someone does not […]


Imagine a world with every needed resource in plenty. Imagine a world where we all were equal. Imagine a world where people were honest. Imagine a world without borders and religion. Imagine a world which had no bombs, no fighting. Imagine a world with Love triumphing over rest. Imagine a world in which human kinds […]


These are my opinions and I can be wrong. I am not much of a social guy now. The more I am out, the more I am bombed with ideas, advice, feedback. While it is important to get advice, it is important to get it from the right people. The ones who have skin in […]

Some lessons I have learned in my life

I was in the zone of self-evaluation and exploring myself on Friday. As a result, I shared dozen-odd tweets. I am sharing the same here. Team, trust, and transparency. << what we need to build something incredible. We screw up more because of not being honest with ourselves. Competition, timing, luck comes later. The “ism” […]


The amount of data thrown at is enormous. Thanks to cheap internet and publishing platform. We are all artists, creators, authors, and painters. The sad part of it is, many quality creators lose to garbage. I call poor contents, be it a book, blog or music as garbage. Some people put the soul in creation […]