Modern life has one key ingredient: food. We are surrounded by a variety of food items. They modified to fit our taste buds. The beverage industry spends billions in research. Early days we eat less because of the limited availability. We were more active. As society progressed and food became plenty via mass production. It […]


I keep getting asked about the secrets of running a successful community. After spending a decade in this field I still have no answer. Past few years living on my own has been humbling. It has taught me many new things. The topmost being: there is no one fit for all path. We are all […]


Practicing virtue of empathy is a double-edged sword. While your approach will make the world better in most cases, there will be a time when you will be ridiculed or considered weak. Some will take you for granted. So be ready to be ridiculed, called out weak or emotional. As long as your faculty of […]


There comes a time in our life when everything looks tough. These are the times of our life which helps in shaping us. Life is a rollercoaster ride with everything unpredictable. Taking everything for granted or worrying for future only makes us weak. These tough time of our lives are an absolute test for us. […]


Hospital is one hell of a place. One place where one can experience all the emotions. A place where every minute defines life’s frugality. A place where doctors are the savior. I have spent past few days in a hospital and it has put a real test on myself. All the learnings, philosophy and principles […]


Many times in our life we are put on a test. It can be a test of our honesty, principle or philosophy. These time of life brings out the real you. Reading philosophy or writing principles is one thing but putting it on a test is another. These moments of life are like a real […]


My Nanaji passed away this morning. He lived for more than 90 years. Off late he was suffering from series of illness. He was a world to me. He was one of the few persons in my life who believed in me. I sucked at my studies, be it during secondary school or at engineering. […]


I have said this many times before. The human mind is a monkey mind. We get triggered on petty things. It results in venting our anger or at times getting depressed. The question remains, why do we get triggered? Is it because we are insecure or because of our expectations? In the end, it bites […]