Why are you alive? What keeps you going in everyday life? What are you seeking? How are you handling this journey of life? Are you living your own life or wearing a mask to keep others happy? Is this how you expected your life to be? As a seeker, one has to find answers for […]


We can get inspired from anywhere. It can be by reading, watching a movie or listening to the shopkeeper. We, humans, are unique in our own ways. We all have our own stories. A few chosen ones get to tell the world their journey. Keep yourself open to listen, hear and get inspired. Don’t be […]


Sometimes you have to Nudge your liked ones, friends. You have to make them believe that they are important. We all like being liked and appreciated. Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate, encourage, nudge others? Is it because we are scared of being ignored or rejected?


What does it mean by being at Peak? It is self-satisfaction, external appreciation or sense of achievement? I have no clue, but off late peak gets frequent mentions. Going by Freud’s individual difference definition: the meaning of peak differs for us all. Our life is a journey and as a traveler, peak can also mean […]


I have been the biggest cribber in my friend circle. I had a problem with everything: job, people, relationships. Things have gotten better in a few years, I am more interested in my present. I don’t want to crib about what and how things or situations in my life should be. I have accepted the […]


It is backed by science that music has a therapeutic effect on us. That is the reason in the past our princely states had music maestros. From Baiju Bawra to Tansen, the list is uncountable. Even Vedas had a separate book dedicated to music Samaveda. In Hindustani classical music, we have many ragas which fit […]