We have conquered many diseases as we progressed. The discovery in science and medicine is nothing less than a miracle. These scientist and researchers are true gods. Modern life made everything better for us and gave rise to many new problems. We are more prone to dying of heart attack and diabetes than plague or […]


Typing Product on Google gives enough results. Heck, same goes for many available books on Amazon. We are in the era of building and product leaders are key stakeholders. There are so many methodologies and development practices which are used by these gurus. What I have understood with my limited consciousness is: A product has […]


It is very easy to get lost in glory and forget our roots. We, humans, are no different than a raging bull. We crave for approval and appreciation. We like recognition. Our actions and affiliation changes as we progress. We get into the ego train which directs towards the vice. It helps to remember our […]


I like monkeys, I am fascinated by their grit and perseverance. Their focus on what they want. The other quality which has kept them going is a reproduction. I don’t know if they believe in Love and all, but they are truly aware of seeding their species. Sigmund Freud said there is no such thing […]


Man is a social animal. — Aristotle What we become has a lot to do with the environment around us, people we are connected to. This close-knit of connection is what differentiates us from other animals. Wherever we go, live and make a colony we try to build a community. Most religions followed the same […]


Time stops for no one. It is constantly passing, we are getting on with it. We are getting old and dying every minute with it. Why do we have to be so scared of death? Is it not part and parcel or our creation? Why do we have to question about the allocated time of […]


Growing up in a small town has its own charm. It has some limitations too. When I was growing up, we had only one school affiliated to the CBSE board. My parents sent me Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi. (The school still exists) I was 11 years old then. I was on my own. Sometimes I cried […]