We all make our own unique story, a fiction of ourselves through the course of our life. Psychologists say we humans are individually different, we perceive, react and respond to scenarios differently. The journey of our life plays a big role in the genre of our fiction. Most of us are fighting for survival, we […]


I find it weird seeing people how they identify themselves on the basis of their caste, class, religion at all. Some showcase their wealth, while others their materialistic possessions. In the end, we are a piece of meat and acquainted with the power of thinking (which we are on the verge of losing). We are […]


The easiest thing is giving assurance. Some people are just good at it. How much impact it makes in life, they don’t care. Be very careful with picking someone as your last resort, it can hurt and make you weak. Those who help don’t speak much, they keep giving without expectation.


We are living in an odd world. Dreams and working on making it true is limited for a few. Every now and then media glorifies success and we fall for survivor bias. Ask a farmer about his dream who has got cheated by a banker in taking a loan. Ask wife of an alcoholic about […]


My previous job got me hooked to watching Star Trek Enterprise, AB gets the credit. Some takeaways: As a captain of the ship, the first responsibility is the safety of its crew. It is easy to get blindsided with decision making. Our ego and bias can burst the entire ship. Handling crisis requires rationality and […]


Humans like to leave their legacy. In princely states, kings would build castles, water fountains, and gardens. Tyrants, dictators and mass murders left us with many scars. Our legacy should be our contribution to society and people around for good. How we have changed millions of lives in a positive way. Most of those statues […]


There comes part in everyone’s life where he/she feels completely broken. The lucky ones end up finding a sail, a person/book/hook which takes us out of our screwed up present. I have had many friends, sail in my life and it helped me in shaping who I am now. Help others, pay it forward. Look […]