Partnership gets a hit because of heated arguments. We turn into a beast,  our ego takes over: rationality and logic takes the back seat. We get passionate and forget about empathy and virtues. Why does this happen? Is it because our lizard brain takes over? A solid partnership requires respect, empathy and rational conversation. We […]


We inherited greed from apes, our ancestors and it evolved. We fought for food, women, land and supremacy. Later religion came: mercenary killed many. These days it is about selling more arms, controlling oil fields. The quest for profit by food giants has given rise to many disease. The easy access to loan, credit card […]


Finding a partner is a difficult business: our prosperity depends on it.   Some factors for meaningful partnership:   Right set of expectation Trust Respect Support in adversity   It is surprising that people find life partners or business associates via internet. How do they end up living together.  


Advancement in technology guaranteed us prosperity. And sold us hyper-productivity: our quest to become successful in every aspect of our life. We are competing with everyone on everything. We are in a slot machine for: growth, relationship, prosperity, happiness, appraisal, love. We have turned into a robot. We are copying others. We are multitasking. We […]

Doer, dreamer, cribber and society

  Society is a collection of an individuals with different mind set. Doers are working on shaping our society for good. Dreamers are forward thinkers. Cribbers are unique. They have problem with everything:state, government, rules, systems, doers, dreamers. A progressive society requires more doers and dreamers. Union of doers and dreamers bring progress, innovation and […]

Thaler, NFL and Decision making

Richard Thaler is a Nobel laureate and author of the best selling book: Misbehaving. He is a popular figure in the area of behavioral economics. Last week when I was reading ‘Misbehaving’- the chapter on decision making caught my attention. It talks about how traditional ways of picking NFL players were resulting in losses. The […]