A mirror shows your external: the dress you wear, your hairstyle, skin color, and et all. The outward representation of self is just one part of us. The other hidden us beyond the mirror is our thoughts. Our thoughts play a key role in shaping who we are. It is less plastic or pretentious. We […]


Community is the new marketing hoopla. Humanity has existed this long because of the community. A community is centered around a common ideology, belief, trust, and faith. Why are we talking about a community when we have our own ulterior motive behind it? Community is more about giving and expecting least in return. Before starting […]


It is very easy to blame others. It reduces our self-guilt, makes us better. We are alone, we blame others because we are miserable and scared. We want to vent our anger and frustration. We want to prove ourselves right, our voices felt. It takes time to build or cement a relationship but minutes to […]


I feel sad every time I get introduced by someone via their pedigree. The bias which we inculcate in us and filter it creates in our decision-making capabilities are enormous. Education is a life long process, having a degree from some university is a small part of it. It does not guarantee your future successes. […]


Aren’t we writing a story in every single moment in our life? Our anger, love, hate, empathy, action, reaction everything is temporary. As we old, decay and die the only thing that will stay is our story for others. You can be an asshole treating waiter like shit or hitting your maid for adding too […]