Depression is a modern-day plague. There are shops, establishments, and organizations in the business of curing depression. Depression is a multi-billion economy. Books, therapy, yoga, mindfulness, good eating, exercises are on sale. Few of us do need clinical help, psychotherapy, and medicines. For the rest of us depression is a modern-day self-created epidemic. There could […]


Socrates, Plato, Ben Franklin all had one thing in common. They all mentioned the importance of people around us. People foster the growth of a commune, a society or an organization. The interpersonal relationship trumps over organizational or project affiliation. Screaming over Twitter about the hiring problem and employee attrition will not help. Finding the […]


What happens if everyone becomes rational? We will turn Vulcan (star trek) and will have to deal fewer errands. What will happen to our emotions, feelings et all? We will become robots. That will save Earth? Who knows, it might. We will start using our consciousness. We will become unbiased. Emotions will have no role […]


Something is wrong with me? My social circle has shrunk. The meetups, events, and gatherings have reduced. My consumption and interaction with the virtual world are also limited. I have started to live most of my time with myself. Self-introspection gave some answers: Participating in subjects I have control over will make me saner. My […]


I have been a non-stop talker. My friends close to me are aware of this. I am working on getting this fixed. I have realized silence and listening to others is more relaxing. It keeps brain saner. Listening to others helps in keeping a check on biases. It powers independent thinking. Let see how many […]


Fighting with barista for making frothy cappuccino is easy. What is difficult: having some empathy. Keeping calm and registering complaint. Our problems are prime and the world or people around us should resonate with it. We have the least clue or concern about others. Why would it matter if my apartments security guard has been […]