Software Freedom Day in Chennai and Pondicherry on Sep 22, 2012

Last week i participated at SFD conducted by the folks from ilug-chennai and fsf-tn. The event was good and i had chance to interact with lots of college students. There were many booths with students explaining about it like Ubuntu,  Mozilla, Mysql others. You can find all details about it in official ilug-c blog here At same time i […]

Event report: FOSS meetup in Hyderabad!!

Am too late to blog on the same.  Pavi along with Praveen organized nice meetup in Hyderabad. The refreshing part about the meetup was presence of 30+ folks 🙂 We had folks from Ubuntu/Wikipedia/Mozilla/Puppet/Openstack were present. Detailed blog post about the event can be found at :–  (In Telegu/use translate software)  (English) Photos: […]

Notes: Installing single/multi node hadoop cluster on ubuntu 12.04

1. Installing java6 cd ~/ wget; chmod +x; sudo ./ Script will build packages from source and place them in local repo, then they can be installed e.g.: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-source You can see all available packages in /var/local/oab/deb Remember to select the right version: sudo update-alternatives –config java To setup […]


Its been over 3-4 months i been itching to find alternative of Ruby based configuration management tool. I came to know about Salt. Its a configuration management tool written in python, from initial 30 mins of my experience am writing this blog. It took me less than 2 minutes get master/minion running on multiple VM via Virtualbox. From my experience […]

Event Report:, Pune, India is one of the oldest FOSS event in India, this year it was scheduled on 10th and 11th Feb 2012 . And yes this time i attended it as speaker after failing to qualify last year. 🙂 I spoke on Juju, Ubuntu Cloud Orchestration framework , presentation slides are available here Few take away for me personally […]

2 minutes guide to getting started with Launchpad/Bazaar via Lucid Ubuntu 10.04

I just added some contents from allready existing 5 minutes guide to make it 2 mins and work on Lucid. 🙂 Before i start you need to have 2 things allready done, 1. $ apt-get install bzr 2. A launchpad account. 3. Your public key submitted at launchpad. It means create a key is you […]