I was watching this documentary HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. It made me realize how vulnerable we are. The butterfly effect kind of phenomenon is for real. Small bunch of people are leading how human race should think, act or behave.

Take some time off your busy schedule and watch it now. You can thank me later.

On Visualization

I was reading The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo. The book talks about principles on visualization and infographics. It relates well to designing a product.

These are some of my scribbles, I remember tweeting them as well.
1. Clarity and depth are paramount in infographics.
2. A data visualization is a display of data designed to enable analysis, exploration, and discovery.
3. It has to be customization for each person needs.
4. The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.
5. Getting information as right as possible with clarity.
6. We should avoid self-serving bias.
7. We should be truthful and honest to our audience.
8. A graphic that is truthful, functional, beautiful and insightful has the potential of enlightening as well.
9. What you design is never exactly what your audience ends up interpreting. So reducing the misinterpretation is crucial.
10. We snap judge if we have the necessary knowledge for it or not.
11. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

The principle
* More truthful.
* Accurate
* Informative
* Understandable

The method
* Think about the task you want to enable or message you wish to convey.
* Try different graphics format.
* Arrange the component of the graphics.
* Test the outcome yourself.

Great business model

I was going through my notebook and found notes from some book on a business model. I will update the post with the book name if I find it.

One of the elegant business models is that which serves as a great foundation for future growth.

Attributes of a great business model.

1. Lots of recurring revenue. (generally over 50%)
2. High gross margin. (over 50%)
3. Low capital requirement.
4. Great return on asset employed. (close to 100%)

Show off

Social media is the place for validation from random strangers.
How does it matter about your marathon timing, beer hopping, cat pics to me? Are we so alone or insecure that we have to post it with the world for approval, validation,  appreciations?

A friend of mine said appreciation on social media acts as motivation. It powers to continue in further improvement.

Why do we need other, strangers appreciation for self-improvement? What is wrong with us, the faculty of mind?

On willpower

I was reading the book: One Thing, in one section, the author talks about willpower. I liked it and made notes of the same, sharing it here.

1. Willpower is limited, spend it wisely.
2. Be full belly, this way willpower.
3. Do what matters in the first half of the day. This is the time when willpower is on prime.
4. Do not fight with your willpower.
5. Build a system which acts as a cover for willpower.
6. Don’t spread your willpower too thin.

What screws up willpower.

1. Implementing new behavior.
2. Filtering distractions.
3. Suppressing emotions.
4. Taking tests.
5. Resisting aggression.
6. Resisting temptations.
7. Trying to impress others.
8. Doing something you hate.
9. Coping with fear.
10. Selecting long-term over short-term rewards.


Most of my friends are in a relationship be it by virtue or marriage or commitment. I am not going to argue if it is fear of missing out or societal pressure for this bondage.

Some of my friends are not happy, they are treated like trash by their partners. Most of the time they will act normal about it all but the situation changes after few pints of beer.

You may ask, why can’t the breakup and pursue a better partner?
The simple reason is “Sunk Cost Fallacy“.
The sunk cost fallacy occurs when people irrationally continue an activity that no longer meets their original expectations. But why would anyone do this? Why not quit? The reason they don’t quit is because of the time, money, and energy they’ve already invested.

Our human mind is not rational. We forget about our well being and happiness. We continue living on autopilot. We continue treated like trash because of our investments.


We are born to live in this society, but consciousness and actions are all ours. Why do we need approvals from others on our actions?

Many businesses are reaping on our insecurity. This approval from externals.

It is our life, how does it matter to us what someone on social media has to say about how we dress, eat or look?

Why should it affect our self-esteem or confidence?

How many of the so-called critics have seen the hard work we have been through to reach this stage.


Crying is not limited to humans. Even animals cry.

Crying is not limited to the flow of water coming through our eyes. There are scenarios, situations in our life where we have got a limited choice. The situations which need us to take action on short notice.

* An accident on a highway with no ambulance to carry for immediate medicare.
* Rare chances of survival for the wife of a tea seller. Even after selling his tea stall, he could not pay the operating costs.

There are some situations where we can show rationality to outside.


Past few months have been exciting. In short, I am getting closer to the state of nothingness. The state of feeling nothing. Earlier I used to be in this state for a few days. It has continued longer this time.

I am not judging if it is good or bad for me. But I am sure people around me must be witnessing a robot near them.

What could have been the reason for it: Food, What I read, I listen to. I have no clue.