Last year I was reading on product design. I was fascinated seeing the innovation in this domain.  I picked up a design book (don’t remember which one) and made some notes after reading.  I found this file after cleaning up my system’s drive.

  • Design implementation takes time, working on iterating and incremental upgrades helps.
  • Communicate with developer as much as possible during the design process
  • Design process
    • Product description (summary in short)
      • User brief (What a customer needs)
      • Developers brief (How will it be developed)
    • Research & Insights (Digging to find out, who is going to be users)
      • User Flows(A diagram showing journey of user inside our product, mostly user experience)
      • Personas(Various user roles and levels of different category of users who will be using the system). Non-Users(How does system reacts when a user tries to access, log-in or lands in the system without access)
    • Getting closer to your customer and understanding challenges.
      • One to one interview(Talking to each team members and understanding the challenges)
      • Questionnaires(Sending list of questions and asking for information which can be helpful in building product)
      • SWOT Analysis (??)
    • Idea Generation Phase
      • A stage where all stake holder join hands together and work on the use cases of product.
    • Solution
      • Prototype
        • Use pen paper or software, get mockup ready and tested.
      • Build and Iterate
    • Product (Build the real product)
  • Idea Brief(Make a short description defining aim of project. It should be short, concise and open).
  • The funnel of focus(Concept –> Idea –> Absolute focus).
  • Research (In Detail)
    • Asking questions from stakeholder
    • Trying to understand the problem on which solution will be built
    • Usability testing(Seeing in front of you, how a user is using the product)
    • Visual Research(Materials which a designer will find useful for current project/system/flow)
    • Mood boards(Competitors aesthetic, typography, color over all experince learning)
    • SWAT Analysis (No clue, WTF ??)
  • Competitors audit
  • AN.A.B.C
    • Audience Need(Who is it for?, Are they crying out for it?).
    • Approach(How are we doing it, incrementally or all at once with 100% features?)
    • Benefit(Why should it be done? Will there be competitive advantage? Will you be first market with the idea?)
    • Competition(What will be your place in the market?)
  • Typography, Color and Layout (Left it for now, will get back when getting into design part)

Ps: I am not an expert design guru or product manager. 🙂


Partnership gets a hit because of heated arguments. We turn into a beast,  our ego takes over: rationality and logic takes the back seat.

We get passionate and forget about empathy and virtues.

Why does this happen?

Is it because our lizard brain takes over?

A solid partnership requires respect, empathy and rational conversation.

We don’t have to fall for machiavellianism.

Being an asshole or running like headless chicken does no good.

Socrates died but his discourse on rational conversation is available.


Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many others were murdered. We got racial equality added in our constitution.

But what about society? Are we treated equally? Has our bias on looks, color, beard or tuban got any better?

We are living in a united country divided by caste, creed, religion and colour. A society where separate plates, teacups serves people from other caste, religion.

We call ourself independent while living in dogma and superstitions.

How easy it is to divide a country and win elections on basis of religion?

Are maulavis and pandits working as agents for the politicians? Or was it written in our holy books to kill people from other religion?

We shoot or lynch people on fake propaganda spread via social media. What has happened to our rationality? Where is our brain and our power of thinking.

A society which turns Inter-religious marriage into a crusade. The leftover division happens over news channels and internet discussions.

Our self consciousness and self knowledge is the only cure. Sending kids to madrasa or temple is not going to make our kids any better.

This divide is turning us into monsters.


We inherited greed from apes, our ancestors and it evolved.

We fought for food, women, land and supremacy. Later religion came: mercenary killed many.

These days it is about selling more arms, controlling oil fields.

The quest for profit by food giants has given rise to many disease.

The easy access to loan, credit card for all has added race to accumulating more.

Government tax has increased but what about our prosperity?

Healthcare, education system, public transport, infrastructure: has it gone any better?

Greed is part of everyday life and we are all affected by it. It is making us more angry, disease prone and unhappy.


Finding a partner is a difficult business: our prosperity depends on it.
Some factors for meaningful partnership:
  • Right set of expectation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Support in adversity
It is surprising that people find life partners or business associates via internet. How do they end up living together.


Advancement in technology guaranteed us prosperity. And sold us hyper-productivity: our quest to become successful in every aspect of our life.

We are competing with everyone on everything.
We are in a slot machine for: growth, relationship, prosperity, happiness, appraisal, love.
We have turned into a robot.
We are copying others.
We are multitasking.
We are wearing a musk.
We have developed many personality of ours.
We are living like zombies: caffeinated, drugged.
We always feel that we are missing out on something.
We are restless, paranoid and sleep deprived.

Socrates said: A meaningful life consists of acquiring self-knowledge, virtue and principles.

Socrates is dead, so are his teachings.

Doer, dreamer, cribber and society


Society is a collection of an individuals with different mind set.

Doers are working on shaping our society for good.

Dreamers are forward thinkers.

Cribbers are unique. They have problem with everything:state, government, rules, systems, doers, dreamers.

A progressive society requires more doers and dreamers.

Union of doers and dreamers bring progress, innovation and development.

On marriage

My 33rd birthday made me feel like I was doing a mistake. Friends and family who called to wish me were more concerned about me getting married soon rather than my health or work.

Are our parents right, or is this society created FOMO? Why does everyone around me want me to get married?

Some of my friends in the west got married very late and some are in live-in relationships for decades.

If I go by Indian society paradigm, I am in the danger of dying without a life companion.

Epictetus said: Man should live in accordance to nature.

Benjamin Franklin said : Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.

Someday I will reach closer to what Epictetus and Ben Franklin says and settle down. Until then I have to keep my nosy parents and relatives at bay.

A year older and wiser

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday. I traveled to my hometown and spent the day with my parents.

I don’t have much to crib/complain about my life. I am living it moment by moment.

Epictetus says: Life is a journey and we are like travelers. Every moment has its own share.

At the same time, with all my experiences I can say: Life is as we see it.  

I have realized that as we grow old, we get better with detecting bullshit. We  start becoming more logical and rational. The emotional type:1 brain takes a back seat.

I have realized from various life experiences and through reading philosophy that:

The meaningful life = (virtues + logic + reasoning + principle + living in present + healthy eating + physical and mental well being) – (vices + bias + ego + expectations)

I will keep updating the above “meaningful life” algorithm over time.