Notes from Reading: Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is considered as father of modern America. His versatile expertise and contribution in Literature, politics, science, philosophy, law and many other areas helped in re-shaping America. He was a prolific reader as well as writer, a true believer of virtues. In early days he wrote Poor Richard’s Almanack,  it holds true even in 21st […]

Notes from reading: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

This week I picked up The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin. I was fascinated with a single fact that how can someone be so talented. Like  Benjamin Franklin  was a Writer, Inventor,  Philosopher, Negotiation and last not the least one of the forefathers of  American Independence. Fun fact thought, he was born British. I am […]

Notes from reading: The Way to Wealth: Ben Franklin on Money and Success (Franklin, Benjamin)

Benjamin aka Ben Franklin was one of the founding fathers of  USA. He was a self taught genius and made contribution in fields of  science, literature, politics and many more.  I am fascinated by him and it prompted me to read this book. Over the time, I will be reading more of his writings. These are […]