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The Mindfulness of Social Photo Sharing

Another good read from Zen habits, it talks about what happens to our brain when we are traveling and why instead of enjoying the moment we start sharing it on various social media platforms.

Using the 5/25 Rule to Learn to Say “No”

James Altucher  in this post explains why it is important to say “No” & best ways.

Evolution of diet

National Geographic Magazine came up with this beautiful and informative photoblog on our food habit.


I have found this one of the best post explaining self awareness, excellent examples and simple way of explaining.

Zen and the Art of Running

Running is a good exercise both for mental as well as physical well being, this post dives into same.




Learning after turning 30+ some lessons & life forward.


I celebrated my 30 birthday last month & yes, I am three decades old now.

Few of the lessons were learnt willingly but most of them forcefully imposed/taught the hard way.


  1.  Family comes first
  2. Avoiding alcohol can do magic to your health
  3. Run & exercise regularly for better physical and mental health
  4. Keep your heart open.Let love seek you instead of running after it
  5. Distinguish between great mentors and teachers. keep  upgrading yourself time to time
  6. Be very careful of what you read and what you learn out of that. And needless to say, the source.
  7. A daily to-do list to be practiced on a hard form. Once a task is accomplished, strike it off the list.
  8. Being empathetic to others for your mind and heart to be at peace.
  9. Most of the things around us are temporary including current state of mind, the weather, our pains. Permanent decisions should not be made giving importance to temporary things.
  10. Pen down everyday about anything and everything. Mastering the art will take time but venting out thoughts on the paper brings sanity.
  11. Don’t be ashamed of taking feedback from those whom you respect for your own development.
  12. Life is no cake walk. Failures/Criticism/Happiness, all of them are a part and parcel of the deal called life, stay equanimous.
  13.  Rectify your eating habits to stay disease free.
  14. Watch and observe patiently at times. Fighting everything doesn’t help always.
  15. Learn one new activity/skill every month. It can be painting, dancing, or even a foreign language.
  16. Having a huge circle is great but make a  few friends who accept you the way you are.
  17. Happiness is a state of mind & requires thinking beyond materialistic world.

Some learnings to follow this year.

  1. 6-7 hours of daily sleep
  2. At least one day in a week without Internet
  3. Adding more salads & vegetables to daily meals
  4. Talk only when required
  5. Spending more time with self
  6. Finish watching every season of Star Trek
  7. Spending less time on social media & being careful of what to broadcast
  8. Getting into the habit of daily reading that we have been procrastinate.


This blog is inspired from  Madhav’s  post.



filter coffee

Born to Rest

The side effect of modern life, less focus on health and exercise.

Sad Face

Can smiling make you happy? Go through the long read to find out.

Cognitive bias cheat sheet

How our cognitive bias is leading in making wrong decisions for ourselves.

The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again

Tim Urban with his take on deciding who & when to marry & what to expect.


The Oatmeal with another classic drawing, trying to spread word out on unhappiness.





filter coffee

The Neuroscience Behind Bad Decisions

Research finding suggest how biased and confused we can get with many choice.

The next big thing will start out looking like a toy

One of the old post from renowned VC where he mentions how small ideas/projects made big in the end.

Understanding VCs

If you have wondered why some VCs write so much or market themselves on all social media platforms, this post has an answer for you.

A Harvard psychologist says too many people think about happiness all wrong

Another psychologist with his findings about our happiness

Equity in Startups Is Losing Appeal

The gold rush for building next unicorn and making big is gone, employees are no more motivated over equity.




To Those Who Are Struggling

Life has all kinds of flavor including sadness/struggle/loss, the post talks about how to keep going in every situation.

Open Source Won. So, Now What?

Open Source is getting adoption from every corner & even closed source company like Microsoft is getting to it, still the movement has its own challenges.

What Great Listeners Actually Do

Debunking the myth of great listener, excellent post. It makes me a listener.

The Power of Calm

Stay calm for healthy/successful life, don’t belive me read the post.

The Meeting That Showed Me the Truth about VC’s and How They Don’t Make Money

VC’s job is sexy only on paper and press, in reality smart ones work equally harder to get enough returns.





My spotless mind

Scientists are working on drug which will erase your fearful/troubling past memories, but do we really need it? This Aeon post talks in details about it.

To Fall in Love With Anyone

Want to fall in love with someone? Try answering 36 questions with him/her & you will fall for them, I have not tried it but the NPR podcast guest narrating this experiment has.

Why Yahoo! Alumni are Mourning

Yahoo is sold to Verizon [source], the author ex-yahoo employees talks about the glorious past of yahoo writes about culture/management/people.

I Have No Confidence… So This Is What I Do

James Altucher gives excellent advice on how to gain confidence & do good with life.

Nepal’s Maithil women break traditional gender roles

How things have changed for women’s in Maithila for good, it could have been much well written in my opinion.



Our Cluttered Minds

Internet has affected our attention span significantly,  the post talks about the same.

Serverless Architectures

Interesting post with clear explanation on the cloud technology called Serverless.

The hunger mood

One of the posts which talks about what is going to our mind & what makes us hungry, you will be surprised to read the outcome.

 10 Types of 30-Year-Old Single Guys

My friend shared this post from Tim Urbun post yesterday & honestly I could relate myself falling to one of these category as well.

Only the lonely

AEON with another brilliant post, the good/bad side of loneliness.


Finally we are talking about Augmented Reality, thanks to Google/Pokemon. Will this change the way we are consuming Internet, we will witness it in coming years.



The State of Enterprise Software

Jerry Chen, one of the successful entrepreneur turned investor has some solid piece of advice for those who are building enterprise software.

Training to Be a Good Writer

I have been reading every single post from Zen Habits & this one I found gold considering am still learning that art of becoming a writer.

60 YouTube channels that will make you smarter

Another post on Medium, with interesting list of videos.

Why Raising Too Much Money Can Harm Your Startup

Mark Suster writes about why taking too much can do more harm than help to your startup.

The Truth About Healthy Eating   [YouTube]

This week watched this documentary & it was an eye-opener. Our busy life has made us belive on what the marketing folks tells us to buy, is it really healthy? Watch it and find out.


Random Thoughts: We have stopped being grateful


We are living in a hyper-converged world, smart phones & social media taking more time than family/friends/nature/surrounding.

  1. We have enough to feed ourself unlike those laborers working in mine/rail/road constructions.
  2. We have enough to commute from one place to another in cab/car/taxi/auto unlike many others who still walk miles barefoot for work.
  3. We are free/independent to walk/eat/drink/talk/mingle the way we like unlike many other parts of the world.
  4. We have affordable medical care unlike many other part of the world, so we get sick, visit doctor, get medicine & come back.
  5. We were lucky unlike millions others whose parents were not rich enough to send kids to colleges/schools for Engineering/Medical/Science/Arts degree.

What has happened to us?

Most of us are turning into robots, turning into a angry box, frustrated, stressed & focusing about better future.

We have to live for now, feel every single moment of our life.

  1. When was the last time you spoke for over 20 minutes with your parents, considering they are not staying with you?
  2. When was the last time you took you siblings for lunch/dinner/coffee?
  3. When was the last time you told you wife/bf/gf like truly about how much they mean to you?
  4. Do you even remember the name of your gatekeeper who opens your colony gate and salutes saying namaste saheb or to the office boy who gets you tea?
  5. When was the last time you were out of internet for 24 hours because you wanted sometime with yourself or your family?
  6. When was the last time you slept without worrying about next month’s car/home EMI

Life is about living in present & feeling grateful with what you have currently not planning for uncertain future.

Interesting Reads #80

filter coffee


Kamal Ravikant, one of few people I see as my mentor with the beautiful post. You have to let go many things from your past.

Avoid Burnout by Asking This Question

HBR post on how different type of  motivation defines quality of output to the work we are doing.

Serverless Architectures

Anyone who wants to get into Serverless Architectures, this is post is a good start.

2300 years later, Plato’s theory of consciousness is being backed up by neuroscience

Title says it all.

Don’t beat yourself up

We all make mistakes but instead of living with the guilt, we need to learn from it & move on quickly.



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