On building a tech community

I have been asked several times about community building. For a start, the following points form the basis for any tech community.


Passionate Leader:  To build a good community it is essential to have a passionate leader with strong temperament. The leader must be duly motivated, ready to accept suggestions and advise accordingly. The leader must  also be ready to help members, motivate others and stay positive throughout. With a strong temperament like this, I would say half of your work is done.

Coordination: Every member of the team should be aware and coordinate with other members to comprehend the happenings of the project. Members should have equal say in the product development under a democratic process if available.

Contribution/Documentation/guidelines: Good documentation will result in easy user base creation. It will also motivate a lot of these users to turn into collaborators. Hence it is always suggested to provide easy, clear and crisp contribution including some quick screencast.


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interesting reads #12

What It Takes: Qualities of a Successful Founding CEO.

Post talks about 3 qualities: opportunity, passion and visionary salesmanship.

A collection of tools and resources for journalists from 2014

Wanted to become a data journalist, the post has good list of tools for it.

101 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

No survivorship bias here. A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors.

Starting data analysis/wrangling with R: Things I wish I’d been told

Nice post with set of tool for getting into journalism with R programming.

Node.js is forked, not f***ed

Most of you most have heard 3 core nodeJs devs forked it, this post takes interesting notes why things are all good with nodeJs project & we don’t have to panic.

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interesting reads #11

Dear VCs: Kill the ‘warm’ introduction

A simple post mentioning common problem entrepreneurs face in getting connected with VC`s. The blog also suggests solution for same.

The Venture Capitalist Struggle

An interesting post which needs to be read by almost everyone looking for funding. The post cites the pain points & pressure VC`s go through.  The role of VC is not as simple as easy it looks/appears from outside.

How Fab.com went from a $1 billion valuation to a $15 million fire sale

Fab is one of the greatest example of startup failure. The company valued billion got sold on 15 millions. During its peak they had a burn rate of 10 million USD per month.

Coaching 101: Ask Powerful Questions

Nice post from Stephanie, asking tough questions. The post cites some interesting state and questions on that specific scenario.


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interesting reads #10


Collection of helpful links for anyone who wants to begin with R programming language.

Anyone can do it. Data journalism is the new punk

Post talks about nuts & bolts of data journalism.

Techstars Graduates’ Survival Rates: What the Numbers Show

Interesting post on Techstars with numbers, around 78% startups are still active, good number.

Man and Uber Man: Do Startup CEOs Have to Be Jerks?

Post summary :

1. as long as you are successful your VC are okey.

2. Its a disruptive and competitive world, you have to be aggressive.

3. History says most of the successful CEO were crazy

The startup’s ‘customer partners’ slide: All those logos and no dollars? 

Interesting take on startups who show large list of logos while making a early stage pitch to investors. They should be honest and give justifiable reason why most of the companies they have in slide are non-paid users. The reason could be because they are first hand user, i.e beta testers.

OpenStack Has Its Issues but it’s Worth a Fortune

The post mentions about some of the issues OpenStack project is facing in current state.

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Why startups abort?


Product market fit:  Let’s say you have built an e-commerce product targeting the local market but it has limited internet penetration &  online banking close to 0%. What happens to your product? It becomes restricted and misfit in the market you are targeting.

Uber changed its payment policy in India because only 25-40% of the Indian population owns a credit card.

Traction: When you have built a product with little dissimilarity from existing players in the market, how are you going to compete and get purchase?

Difference of opinion among founders: Building a startup is much more than entering into a relationship or finding a friend. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and dedication and is definitely not for everyone. In startups, it is common to see differences in opinions among the founders which results in a bungle.

Lack of funding: Nobody will fund you if you fall in the above three categories namely where you have no money, no traction, no product/market with illogical partnerships among founders.


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interesting reads #9

CLI: Command Line Programming with Go

Cory Lanou beginners guide on Go programming language.

How side projects saved our startup

Coming up with a startup never guarantees success.  It is always a good idea to have plan B. The post lists about how few side projects turned into real startup ideas & are widely used.

Answer by @jaltucher to Are there skills other than coding that I can learn to get a good salary job?

James gives a nice description & discusses every side of you. Coding is not “the” only thing to make money.

Southpark & drones

This episode of southpark shows the other side of drones. I will just hope it never become reality. :)

Y Combinators: How to Start a Startup

On the ongoing series one more video has come.

Lecture 18: Legal and Accounting Basics for Startups

As usual am behind the schedule & need to catch up with it.


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information overflow


We are in age of information overflow. Everything is just click of a button for us i.e pizza/taxi/grocery. It has done wonders for us but at same time it has bought lots of noise which can distract you to new high.

1. Paid Opinions: It is too easy for a firm to get our opinion mapped the way they like. We have too many mediums for it like social media or advertisements via apps.

2. Privacy: Ooh, its past now. Your life is no more private we know where you are, what you are eating, whom you are partying with.

3. Too many source of Information: You have to choose your source smartly else you will end up watching, reading, listening crap. 24 hours news channels in India are live example of it.

My only suggestion would be to spend some time with yourself. It is good to be part of this new phenomenon. It was meant to make our life simpler/easier/productive not slave.


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How to Start a Startup note #5


Today I spent listing to Paul Graham in the how to start a startup series lecture. Paul is fucking awesome, full of fun, honesty & blunt in giving an opinion. We need more such motivators in our startup ecosystem.

My notes from his lecture:

  1. Listen to your intuition
  2. Work with people whom you respect and have known long enough.
  3. Understand your user, make something people really want  & that is how your startup will grow.
  4. Success of your startup is not fundraising.
  5. Starting a startup during college is not a good idea.
  6. An idea & co-founders is what college can provide.
  7. Domain expertise is what will give you an edge over others when you are building your product.
  8. If you work on things you like you don’t have to force yourself 4 being efficient.
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interesting reads #8



The New Stack Analysts, Show 20: An Analysis of OpenStack’s Juno Blueprints

I did research about OpenStack that I covered in: A Guide to Developer Contributions in the OpenStack Juno Blueprints. In this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, I presented with Alex Williams and co-hosts Donnie Berkholz of RedMonk and Michael Cote of 451 Research about the research I did.

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Steve Blank gives a overview on how to expand your startup & why it is a good idea to adopt to local condition when you are entering in newer market.

Trends: Uber vs. Lyft

An interesting post summarizing all the reasons why Uber getting bad press and why people are choosing Lyft over it.

The Future Will Look Different From The Present

Bead Feld made a post about how technology is taking us to new age. He is in sabbatical & was reading Hyperion & The Fall of Hyperion

Y Combinators: How to Start a Startup

On the ongoing series 3 more video has come.

Lecture 15: How to Manage

Lecture 16: How to Run a User Interview

Lecture 17: How to Design Hardware Products

As usual am behind the schedule & need to catch up with it.


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How to Start a Startup note #4


Moving on to how to startup series class, I spent time watching Lecture 13: How To Be A Great Founder by Reid Hoffman


My notes for his class:

  1. Network network network.
  2. VC always tends to invest in company with co-founders as they compliment each other.
  3. Right place to start a right business like finance related startup makes more sense in Mumbai.
  4. Go talk to smart people and listen to their suggestions on your idea.
  5. You have to be both flexible and persistent.
  6. You have to be both confident as well as cautious.
  7. Listen to feedback, criticism
  8. Data as well as vision are important for your product.
  9. Be smart & take intelligent, focussed risk.
  10. Solve short term vision immediately, but do keep eye on your long term vision.
  11. Product needs to go out in the market ASAP its ready, product distribution is key.
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