Interesting Reads #1

Few weeks back my friend suggested I should come up with my weekly reading list, so here it is. I will try post this every week either on Saturday or Sunday.



ISRO updates on Indias Mars Misson 

ISRO successfully launches its mission to Mars & its called MOM, ISRO Mars Orbiter, you can find all interesting exploration pictures via MOM twitter handle & its one hell of fun @MarsOrbiter

An Invitation to ‘Make in India’ : Indian PM

Government of India launches Make in India campaign, the simple focus is to cut the red take & invite investments in all the sectors. One can find all the details about the over all campaign on the website


15 Jack Ma Quotes To Inspire You

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba, which recently went for IPO in NYSE has advice for everyone, its worth reading.

a16z:10 ways to damage your fast-growing tech startup

a16z, one of the big VC from silicon valley has piece of caution & advice for startup kids.

Traction: A startup guide to getting customers with guest gabriel weinberg [podcast]

Traction, nice collection which is must read for anyone who wants to get into successful marketing spree for startup. The authors are giving interesting insight in the podcast.

Fred Wilson on starts burn rate: Burn baby burn.

Fred, one of the known VC writing about how burn rate is going to be pain in ass for the startup especially those who are in series A/B/C

a16z: If SaaS Products Sell Themselves, Why Do We Need Sales? 

a16z, talking about the myth SaaS based startups are living on.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Startups

One of the most interesting read on medium, gives an interesting insight about overall startup ecosystem.

Sam Altman: Lecture 1: Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I 

Sam Altman: Lecture 2: Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part II

Our very own Sam Altman from YC combinator taking class on startup, must watch for everyone into startup eco-sytem.


Answering the existential question in OpenStack by Jay Pipes.

Jay Pipes, one of the early developers, PTL from OpenStack project has his thought on the way the overall project is shaping up after 4 years of its existence.

#TNS [ The New Stack]

Why One Developer Chose Go

Interesting take on Go language from Cory, It gives a nice prospective about the programming language.

A Linux Hobbyist’s Path to a Career in Tech with 7 Recommendations for Women and Minorities

Elizabeth K. Joseph  is long time Ubuntu contributor & is part of OpenStack now, She shares her experience about being part of women in IT & advice to everyone who wants to be part of it, loved reading it.

#Jamesaltucher [from James Altucher blogs]

Step By Step Guide to Make $10 Million And Then Totally Blow It

James Altucher, a living genius, regular blogger/podcaster/VC in his latest blog shares his prospective about making $$ & losing it. Another fun read.


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Things i love about Mumbai.

I stayed in the city for over a year, i agree i was never part of it. People say Mumbai is not for everyone, i have no comment on that. My one year stay has been a mixed feeling & I would like to share the positive side of it.

Autowalas: I have traveled & stayed in many cities Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore [insert city name here] Mumbai has been the only city where these folks will take you anywhere by meter. I never felt bad taking a ride & was never scared about the security part.


Nobody Cares: No one has fucking time to see what his/her neighbours are doing. I have no idea who stays next door & i have never seen them.

Night Life: The only city which is awake till 1 am out here in India. Most of my night out has been after dinner post 10 pm. I remember missing my flight to Delhi because i was over confident that i will make it to airport after the party.

Food: From variety of vegetarians i.e gujarati, marathi to mughlai food. Ooh don`t forget the wide number of restaurants serving international cuisine. I spent good time at pop tates & jughead, you should try there sizzlers its mouth watering.


Friends: I made good number of interesting friends here & met many old ones. I will be meeting them whenever am here.



What next: I am headed to Bangalore, looking forward to meet all my old friends. Bangalore has a fascinating technology community, i will try to be part of it.  


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Things or two I learnt following James Altucher.



A lot people like Peter Theil is not a big fan of Twitter, everyone has an opinion or belief and we should respect it.

About me, I have always been a connector & Twitter is one of the best things happened to me. A few months back a tweet from   landed in my timeline, it was a Eureka moment for me because I was going through turbulent times in my personal & professional life.

I made a small list which I have kept as a sticky note after going through his blog & podcast.

1. Be Honest with yourself.

2. Ask whenever you need something.

3. Fail fast & start something new.

4. Your health is key to your successful life.

5. Stay away from those who don’t respect you or are pessimistic.

6. Be Naked, always open to accept & exchange ideas.

7. Help help help others without expecting immediate returns.

8. Get into the habit of reading.

9. Being crazy is good.

10. You have an idea, work on it forget about the end result, give it a try to start with.

In case you want to know more about  James Altucher, please follow him on 



Amazon Page

I will keep adding more to the list over time. I am hoping next year I will be in a position to buy all his books as am still catching up with all his blogs & podcasts.



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Crazy Dreams about my death

Okey, here i am in mid air writing about this experience of mine. It might appear hilarious/funny but every once in a while I get this weird dream of me getting killed in a  head on car collision or flight explosion in mid air. I would hope it never comes true.


Am is scared of these dreams?

Fucking no, it keeps reminding me that death is imminent & I should better spend every single day of my life to fullest. Its working so far well. :)

What would you do if you were me?

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But we keep complaining !!

Its going to be a RANT, if you are interested please keep reading.

Found it in no litter zone at North Sikkim. Packed it & dropped it in a trash in Gangtok.

Found it in no litter zone at North Sikkim. Packed it & dropped it in a trash in Gangtok.

So every now and then i keep hearing, our government is not doing this, they are not doing that.

1. No water supply, this government is good for nothing.

Please ask yourself:

a. Your water tap is leaking but you have no time to get is fixed. That means you are wasting water. Can you fucking get it fixed.

b. Why every freaking day your tank goes on water overflow wasting many liters of water to drainage?

2. We don`t get 24/7 electricity, this government is waste

a. Ooh but are you paying the bills?

b. ooh and are you using electricity sensibly, do you close fans/lights when  its not needed.

3. Man see the city is so dirty.

a. Do you throw the garbage in bin?

b. Do you carry bags when you go out shopping or your dependent on polybag shopkeeper gives you.

Please ask yourself how we can fix the problems. I know our city & country is not perfect, but we can work together in making it better. :)

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Things I will miss if I die anytime soon.

This August month made me think what all I will miss if I die anytime soon,  You may call me stupid for this. I have made a small list of things I will miss incase I get hit by a truck or die in a plane crash or something else.


Parents: I love my parents & want to be with them every minute of their life. It will be very unfortunate for them being without their son.

Love of my life: Ooh, I have fallen in love a few times before, but still waiting for that REAL LOVE which people claims, when it has to happen will happen.

World Trip: Ooh, I really want to see the world or in simple term all the known continents, I don’t want to die without seeing them all.

Beer oh beer: I love beer & so far have only tried 50-60 odd brands I want to try at most 500+ brands before I die.

Meeting Razique: I don`t want to die before meeting Razique, he is in Canada & we have  been interacting for over 3 years, thanks to OpenStack project. I want to meet him, hopefully sometime next year.

The Porsche: Well, when it comes to driving a  car, my saying is either ride/own a Porsche or don`t ride/own a car. I am yet to learn car driving, will do once i will buy Porsche.

Akshaya patra pledge: I want to donate enough money every year which will feed 20 street children, Akshaya Patra the NGO works on same direction.

PS: I am 100% in my senses & not stressed, so no need to call/ask/inquire why did I blog this. :)




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Notes from Sikkim Trip

I visited Sikkim in May this year. I liked every single day of my stay there. Every single day was full of fun & excitement.

I have tried to summarize my overall experience in simple notes.

1. People speak Nepali, Sikkimese, Hindi & English

2. Buddhism, Hinduism dominates the population.

3. Sikkim is natures paradise, especially north Sikkim [Lachen/Lachung], it’s mostly untapped and full of beauty.

4. Sikkim has beautiful monasteries, wide variety of flora & fonna.

5. People are soft spoken, hard working, honest & brave.

6. Smoking is illegal in capital i.e Gangtok.

7. Every 5th shop is a liquor shop in Gangtok, thanks to various tax exemptions.

8. A visitor should definitely indulge in local non-veg cuisine & local wines.

9. One of my favorite egg fry wai wai curry.

Network Alert: Vodaphone works well along with 2G in most part of the state. 

Some random clicks


Local Wine, made of maize & rice. Popular in Nepal

Local Wine, made of maize & rice. Popular in Sikkim & Nepal

On way to Lachen, North Sikkim.

On way to Lachen, North Sikkim.

Young Lamas from Rumtek monastery.

Young Lamas from Rumtek monastery.


Young school girls returning home.

Young school girls returning home.


An Old Shiva Temple.

An Old Shiva Temple.

Yaks & ice on way to Guru Dogmaar lake.

Yaks & ice on way to Guru Dogmaar lake.

Gure Dogmaar Lake.

Gure Dogmaar Lake.

Water stream created after heavy rain on way to lachen.

Water stream created after heavy rain on way to lachen.

Flag flying high with holy mantras on it.

Flag flying high with holy mantras on it.


Samadhi of some Buddhist priest on way to Guru Dogmaar.

Mutton with thick gravy cooked by local chef.

Mutton with thick gravy cooked by local chef.



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I spent quite some time wondering why some of us are always worried, tensed, scared.

1. Why can`t we all be happy?

2.What it takes to attain that state of happiness?

For me everything chalks down to a single thing “NEED”

To most psychologists, need is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a goal, giving purpose and direction to behavior. [Wikipedia]

Every human is different & hence our needs are different, we are happy as long as all these needs are on track.

That state of being happy.

That state of being happy.

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How not to be an ASSHOLE.

I am writing this out of my previous experience & yes, that makes me asshole at some point of time.




Stop giving free advice : No one gives a fuck to your advice if you’re giving it for free.

No help unless someone asking for it : If you offer help without someone asking for it, you’re not helping him/her instead making an ass of yourself.

You don’t have to be good for everyone: It’s good to be bad at times, just make sure your actions are not hurting someone else & you have your ass covered.

Stop chasing : You don’t have to make someone else’s life miserable because you need help from him/her. Someone has to respond to you it will happen if it has to running after it every fucking day will not help.

Stop taking free favors: Pay for the service & someone else’s time.





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Notes from Rajasthan trip

I visited Rajasthan on many occasions, this is the first time am writing about the overall experience.

The state has one of the best roads & the state transportation system. [1]

Rajasthan tourism has kept  most of the palace & forts in shape. The tag line says “Padharo mare Desh” — Please visit our country. [2]

Best time to travel to Rajasthan is November to February, it gets hotter in summer.

I have spent most of my time in Ajmer, Jaipur & Jodhpur. I am hopeful of visiting Jaisalmer in November later this year.

Rajasthan is also famous for mouthwatering food, mostly made of milk products.

In Ajmer i visited Ajmer Sharif & also went to Puskar the only Brahma temple we have. :)

Jodhpur i visited the Mehranghar fort & spend good hours with the Flying Fox Zip Tour  & I  did not like Umaid bhavan palace. :)

Jaipur has always only been about eating, eating & eating, last month i came to know Hawa Mahel is there so next trip i will visit there.

Mobile Provider Check : Vodaphone works seamlessly & 2G works most of the places.

Some Random Clicks

Welcome to Jaipur.

Welcome to Jaipur.








Dal Bhati Churma.

Dal Bhati Churma.









Jalebi & Gulabjmun.

Jalebi & Gulabjmun.


















Tired band troupe

Tired band troupe








Performers inside Mehranghar Fort.

Performers inside Mehranghar Fort.








MehranGhar Fort

Mehran Ghar Fort








Jodhpur city, as seen from Mehranghar Fort.

Jodhpur city, as seen from Mehranghar Fort.

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