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Make things simple


I am writing this post after spending good 45-50 minutes in figuring out how to install CentOs Linux 7.3.

  1. Disable IPV6
  2. Configure network on boot
  3. Install net-tools to get my ifconfig command.

In real life simple things are widely accepted.

  1. Booking a cab via Uber [Past call a taxi, fight with cab drivers]
  2. Booking a hotel via Airbnb [You had no clue what you paid for and what is offered]
  3. Booking flight tickets via Cleartrip et all. [Monitor, buy instead being on mercy of offline travel agent]
  4. Ordering food via Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo [Call to restaurant if they want they will deliver food to your door step ]
  5. Loading cash via PayTm [Go via traditional net-banking, log in/add account/wait for confirmation]
  6. Ordering book from Flipkart/Amazon [Go to shopping mall, if the book is available you are lucky else keep visiting]

As technology has evolved, so has the product/user experience. If you have a simple and beautifully explained system/interface, any first time user will be hooked to it.

If you are a product builder ask yourself will my grandparents use it without calling me or wasting hours digging inside product documentation?

Random Thoughts: What we should not do?


From the day we are born, we are told what we should not do. Be it our teacher, friends, religion or parents.

  1. Stay away from those people, they are from inferior caste or religion.
  2. A true X keeps fast in Holi month or a true Y quits non-veg food for 10 days in year for this. [religion playing]
  3. You will not get a job taking arts/philosophy course, better go study science.
  4. Don’t fall in love, it is very painful.
  5. You are no genius to become like that signer, actor or scientist. Stick to your 9-5 job.
  6. Get married before 30 else no one will marry you & you will die lonely.

What should we do?

Simple ask yourself, what is purpose of your living and move along accordingly.

Random Thoughts: On Learn to Unlearn


Growing up in a society has its own perk. You are fed with certain kind of ideas, ideologies, prejudice[passed on generation after generation]

What you should totally do is learn to unlearn :

  1. Bias fed by parents, society or religion.
  2. Past failures which would be stopping you for next risk taking adventure.
  3. Running for a teacher, god or hermit who will fix you.
  4. Old habits which are effecting you severely: Drinking, Smoking.
  5. Crying over past or planning for future.
  6. Blaming others for your failures.


Random Thoughts: On competing with self


We are living in a competitive environment.  From time of birth to our death we are competing.

We are competing over materialistic things:

  1. Grades in your degrees
  2. Salary you are drawing.
  3. Girl/Guy you got married to.
  4. How well off you are in your life with all the possession, vacation and life long luxury .
  5. $$ will be spent on decorating you skeleton in graveyard or quality of wine served on celebrating your death.

I honestly have no clue about anything above, all I am busy these days is comparing myself with what/how I was last year. Competing with self to be better in life is best thing that has happened to me.

Give it a try, it will make you a different human being altogether.

Random Thoughts: Purpose of my existence


I had few questions running through my mind, the prime being .

What is purpose of my existence. :

  1. Am I making the world around me a happy place?
  2. Are my contribution to community/world around meaningful?
  3. Are my actions and interaction with people around me keeping me happy?
  4. Am I  watchful to every decision of my life.
  5. Am I living in present, this moment of my life or building/dreaming on future castle while living a miserable present.

Do I have answers for these questions? Not yet, hopefully will find it over the time.

Random Thoughts: Dealing with toxic people


We are all different, each one of us think and behave differently. We have our own opinion, prejudice and priorities.  It is not necessary that we have to buy into everyone’s belief and follow it.

But at many instances you would have seen a special kind of people:

  1. Who are just negative and everything they speak or do turns out pessimistic.
  2. Who are working with you or around you to just prove their point right even if that means screwing up whole system
  3. Who think they know everything and they are the centre of universe.
  4. Who try to dictate their agenda over entire group because it will benefit them.

Possible solution:

  1. Stay away from them and their ideology.
  2. If they are part of your team avoid as much directly dealing with them.

Our life is more important than dealing with toxic people or any kind of brain fatigue.

Random Thoughts: On EGO


Our identity has a lot to do with what/who we are in eye of society. We create a fabric/mirror/boundary around us and respond to a situation or person depending on our Ego. [Unfortunately]

  1. He/She did not respond to my email/phone/sms/Whatsapp, I will block him/her now. [Might have been busy, can we not give some benefit of doubt?]
  2. He/She said things after getting drunk at a party which I did not like, okey not attending any party where he/she is invited. [How about talking next day when he/she is sober and sorting it out?]
  3. I know more than my teacher, he/she is just a loser knows nothing. [Yep, he/she graduated when you were crawling in your diapers. ]

Everything is about I and circling around existence of me. If it pleases me, my Ego is rising and smooth otherwise my blood pressure is hitting all time high. Not sure if any of this effects person on other side of table. We create our ego & burn/frown/rot in it.

Random thoughts: Apps will do the thinking.


Thanks to the hyper connected world of mobile internet. All we have to do is to install an app and let it do the rest for us.

  1. Swipe left/right for  a date. [mostly on your bias]
  2. Find a wife [Of course only if your caste/sub-caste, color matches  ]
  3. What we have to eat depends on discount food delivery app has to offer.
  4. What to buy [forced on you] depends on your likes/dislikes from your friends shopping cart.
  5. Taxi app knows you won’t mind paying 2X for your fare because its urgent for you. [your past rides]

Are we thinking at all or decisions we have to make has been forced on us by these apps?

Random Thoughts: Life or Auto Pilot?


Growing up in a middle class Indian family has its own set of limitations.

  1. Your family decides name for you.
  2. Society decides  your religion/caste.
  3. Your parents decide what you have to pursue in your career.
  4. Mom decides who you should marry & when you should have kids.
  5. The peer pressure on us drives us towards buying house, car or owning credit card.
  6. Friends decides where we have to go get drunk & screw our body/health/mind.

In the end, what are we doing? Living a life or sailing on auto pilot mode?

Random Thoughts: What makes us Unhappy?

Few weeks back, I asked a simple question on Twitter:

I ended up getting some interesting response.

  1. Ego: Most of us are driven by Ego, If it is hurt I have a new enemy and if  nurtured friendship continues.
  2. Expectation: We expect someone to act the way we want, we would expect things or situations to be in our sides. Most of the time it goes the other way.
  3. Greed: Who does not want to be a millionaire or retire by 30?
  4. Guilt: Long lasting sadness of what one could have done in past.
  5. Not living in this moment: We tend to over think about our future and bring misery or happiness of our past.  The present we are totally clueless about.

Get over these to get over unhappiness.


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