What was i doing all this while?

Since i been asked again & again by lot many friends

  • Where the hell am i
  • What i been doing all this while

Simplest answer

I was traveling across India & these are the places i covered since new year. 

  • Delhi (I was in Purani Delhi regularly for food)
  • Nagaland (north-east)
  • Mathura-Vrindavan-Gowardhan
  • Haridwar-Rishikesh
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Ramappa (Spent new year night in peace with cellphone switched off mode)
  • Jodhpur-Jaipur-Ajmer
  • Bihar (Went to my hometown after 3 years)
  • Mumbai (Yes, am back here till May i think)

I will blog about individual journey in separate blog one by one. [hopefully]

On a highway


In simple terms am not dead yet, am alive & awesome.