Dear Engineering Students, Comp Sc/IT from India.

A disclaimer:  This is not for you If

1. If you’re from IIT or XYZ or blue star ranked college with a 100 % placement [I mean really].

2. You have all it takes to get into companies beyond TCS/Infosys/Wipro or other c

shops from India without caring for campus placement.

Let’s begin :

According to Wikipedia India has a total of 5672 engineering colleges.

S.No State/Union Territory Number of Engineering Institutes[5]
1 Andhra Pradesh 900
2 Arunachal Pradesh 3
3 Assam 22
4 Bihar 30
5 Chandigarh 9
6 Chhattisgarh 75
7 Delhi 37
8 Goa 10
8 Gujarat 120
9 Haryana 342
10 Himachal Pradesh 54
11 Jammu & Kashmir 28
12 Jharkhand 33
13 Karnataka 400
14 Kerala 198
15 Madhya Pradesh 285-310
16 Maharashtra 739
17 Manipur 2
17 Meghalaya 4
18 Orissa 1000
19 Puducherry 21
20 Punjab 221
21 Rajasthan 338
22 Sikkim 3
23 Tamil Nadu 934
24 Tripura 2
25 Uttar Pradesh 466
26 Uttarakhand 4
27 West Bengal 155
Total 5672

Now if we do a small calculation assuming every engineering college will have 60 seats for IT & another 60 for Computer Science. Every year we produce 120*5672= 6,80640 engineering graduates with degrees in IT & Computer Science.

Let’s do some more calculation:

Scenario 1

1. Who are the mass recruiters from Campus Freshers?

Infosys, TCS, Wipro Others..

2. What are their selection criteria?

60% through out 10/12/Engineering [Ask honestly, how many IT/Comp Sc engineer has it]

Appear in the Aptitude test

Appear in a written test

Appear in a face to face interview

3. Do these companies care about your majors while hiring?

Mostly NO

4. What does that mean?

Even mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic Comm engineer can apply for these college placements.

Adding more numbers assuming only 25% of these departments are interested in joining these IT company so the number becomes (15+15+15+15) * 5672 = 340320

5. So the total pool of Freshers for chop shop becomes

3,40320+ 6,80640 = 10,20960

WTF these many engineers are waiting for campus recruitment.

6. Let me be more genuine

Assuming half of these students are not qualified for one or the other reasons, still will the Indian MNC by any means going to hire 500,000 Freshers?

NO FUCKING WAY, You cannot hire us all.
NO FUCKING WAY, You cannot hire us all.



  • Our engineering syllabus is so outdated that we are still reading Fortan & other old age languages.
  • So once we are out of college on the basis of the college degree you are not getting a job.
  • Even if there is a job the pre conditions like marks or aptitude test will be another barrier
  • Some even ask for money like CMC computers & others to give you a job.

But their is a BIG WILD WORLD open for You.

Do it yourself

You can easily add your skillset while you’re in college, by enrolling in online courses from.





& Others.

Most of these classes are free of cost & you even getting certificates for participating.

Also get into Open Source Software

Get familiar with the tool chains needed to get into Open Source world contribution quora is your friend 

I have my own story how i got into the Open Source contribution, I have contributed a chapter to Open Advice Book, its free download.


Your contribution will get you Internship like:

Also, most of these internship will end up with  getting you a  job where your recognition will not be determined on the basis of your marks, aptitude test, race, color but contribution upstream on  your github page.


1. Blog

2. Tweet

3. Read, participate, help [how/where]?

— [Keep updated with the latest technology trends, announcements]

— Mailing lists, Quora

— Forums, IRC channels

— Local technology Meetups, conferences

4. Recommended Readings

How to become a hacker

How to ask questions the smart way

Open Advice

Time is now!!
Time is now!!

Following Above steps will guarantee :

1. You will have sufficient time for your G/F or hobby without worrying for the campus placements.

2. You won’t end up regretting WTF I did engineering from this shitty college where no company is coming for campus placement.

3. You won’t end up making excuses for masters from abroad or wasting another 2 years doing MBA.

Still,some of you will not agree to what all am saying, still I will not stop trying. :
Some of you will not listen to what am saying. 🙂