Things i love about Mumbai.

I stayed in the city for over a year, i agree i was never part of it. People say Mumbai is not for everyone, i have no comment on that. My one year stay has been a mixed feeling & I would like to share the positive side of it.

Autowalas: I have traveled & stayed in many cities Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore [insert city name here] Mumbai has been the only city where these folks will take you anywhere by meter. I never felt bad taking a ride & was never scared about the security part.


Nobody Cares: No one has fucking time to see what his/her neighbours are doing. I have no idea who stays next door & i have never seen them.

Night Life: The only city which is awake till 1 am out here in India. Most of my night out has been after dinner post 10 pm. I remember missing my flight to Delhi because i was over confident that i will make it to airport after the party.

Food: From variety of vegetarians i.e gujarati, marathi to mughlai food. Ooh don`t forget the wide number of restaurants serving international cuisine. I spent good time at pop tates & jughead, you should try there sizzlers its mouth watering.


Friends: I made good number of interesting friends here & met many old ones. I will be meeting them whenever am here.



What next: I am headed to Bangalore, looking forward to meet all my old friends. Bangalore has a fascinating technology community, i will try to be part of it.