Notes from Nepal trip

Apologies for procrastinating this post, but I guess its better to be late than never. So today’s post is on the insights of a trip I took to Nepal. Last May,I visited a beautiful place Kathmandu, capital of Nepal mostly on work & had the luxury to convert into leisure. This was my first trip to Kathmandu although I have been to Nepal before. I usually visit this place called Janakpur which is close to my hometown that is situated on the Indo-Nepal border.



Here are a few pointers about my trip that I would like to share with you:

1. The people here seem content,happy and kinda laid back but warm and welcoming.

2. Nepal is still a developing nation, trying to stabilize its internal politics as a new constitution is being penned.

3. Several startups in Nepal are emerging where one entrepreneur is always supportive of another. It is overwhelming to see that the business model runs with no bitterness or adverse competition towards it competitors. I was amazed with the unity & helpfulness of such small startups. These are even seed funded by very well established entrepreneurs.

4. As a devotee of Hindusim, I was delighted to explore and visit century old temples & palaces.

5. Nepal has some of the best non-vegetarian cuisine anywhere in the world. For proof, you have to check my Instagram feed to really devour some tasty food.

6. Last but not least, I left Nepal making some really amazing friends, hoping to come back and meet them soon. I truly appreciate the spirit of these people,working hard to make Kathmandu a startup hub.




One Last Thing

If you are vegetarian or PETA activist don’t get mad at me after watching this video. I was trying to something crazy[Need of the hour U Know]