#AIBRoast #Buzzfeed et all.

It’s about 5 pm on a Wednesday evening and I just woke up. I had a party last night that carried on till the wee hours of the day, pretty good time!. Oh! wait!!! this post is not about the party or my alcoholic preferences, this post is about something more captivating over the past week that has gripped the whole country to debate about rather impose on freedom of speech. I get a feeling that us, Indians, at least the ones who spend endless hours on the Internet are too busy deciding and defining this freedom of expression and end up morale policing our limits. Neither am I a saint, as somewhere even I was in a heated debate with couple of my friends all over twitter. The controversy in question is this #AIBRoast controversy.

What is AIB?
Now, there are a bunch of stand up comedians earning a fortune dwelling on vulgar jokes and critical verbalism [IMHO] in front of an audience who rates their comedic intelligence. In view of such boorish, the makers were asked to knockout their views barring them from so called freedom of speech.

This #AIBRoast controversy
I think most of you know about it so I rather STFU.


My Take
At first I thought this demeaning not just for society but the participants on whom jokes were being made during the event and was criticized on twitter for similar remarks. Forgive me, it took me sometime to realize it was just a show where everyone was expected to take it in good stride. Eventually, they decide if they like or dislike the joke. So if Deepika criticizes KRK & TOI over twitter & enjoys all jokes during #AIBRoast its her personal decision. We have got no business about it.

Buzzfeed & others

WTF is wrong with the world? Why does a site like this exist even? It took me sometime to realize that on a multi billion Internet user base its all about taste and preference. I am sure they have a large audience following the post which to me is idiocy and its a matter of choice, you like it read it else don’t. Also those sponsors & investors pouring money to buzzfeed and other sites see value in it.

We are in a free world, with freedom of speech [1, 2] where you and I are not the ones to decide what is good,bad or ugly. It is all about choice and a matter of taste where you like it then read it or else do something better.