But who is responsible, teachers or students or college?

I am not bragging but i am not happy with our education system. I was out on a recruitment drive 2 weeks back in a so called tier 1 engineering college in Bangalore, India.

I expected these final year computer science students to answer these below mentioned questions on web technology but unfortunately most of them were not.

1. Web caching

2. How web hosting works

3. DNS

4. What are web crawlers how search engine like google works.

5. What are logfiles for, real world use case

6. API : what is it?

7. How internet works

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.36.12 AM

Who should i blame?

Students: Because they have time to spend on social media but not in understanding these basic technologies?

Teacher:   Because the only task they have is to finish the syllabus?

College/University: For most outdated syllabus or ZERO innovation?

Tell me what do you think?