#BJP lost Delhi assembly election but why?


After a crushing defeat in the Delhi elections, #BJP top leaders are reexamining the results to determine what hit them. The tidal wave of the #AAP has swept the #BJP in an unrivaled act by #Kejrival and #AAP.This landslide victory for #AAP routing the #BJP and #INC is casting a spell of #AAP magic on the upcoming elections in UP and Bihar? We have to wait and watch.

As a citizen of India following politics of the country, I can only pen my analysis as follows. Here are some points which I believe proved crucial to the #BJP defeat and I’m hopeful they learn from it.

Never ignore local leaders.
It was surprising to see Kiran Bedi projected as the potential CM candidate instead of HarshVardhan or Vijay Goyal. Both these leaders have been in this party for ages and seemed more deserving especially since they are deeply connected with the party workers.With her political background in question, it seemed ironic for BJP in this election to flaunt Kiran Bedi as the face of the party.

National & state politics are run on different agendas. BJP should acutely focus on some local states agendas like the water issue in Rajasthan or electricity and law & order in Bihar.

Stop mocking/mud shedding opposition.
Every politician especially after this poll result will realize that in any election rally mockery and insult will not win votes. People are not fools, they need answers & solutions from their leaders.

Stop over spending on media and ads
Media acquisitions and ads are all catchy, but that is not money well spent. Social media is available to reach out and connect to the masses, not humiliate or turn hip overnight. Whoever is responsible for handling the media should pay more attention to positive outcome. I suggest to spend the money in helping youth cadre of the party to reach out to locals.

Avoid indulging in ridiculous controversy
Ridicule statements from party leaders opposing women to not wear jeans or every hindu giving birth to 4 children is what binds the BJP in contempt. The public is intelligent and as literate youth of India, this kind of absurdity is not entertained.

It should be noted that BJP vote bank is still intact but avoiding the above could have positioned them better in Delhi Election.