Congrats #Kejriwal & #AAP, time to deliver.


In the Delhi elections, AAP and #Kejriwal had victory written all over  Delhi that left the BJP smitten[Although its vote share still remains intact] by the AAP effect. The BJP’s defeat indicates some intrinsic shifts in political formative not only in Delhi but maybe across the nation. Just like Modi swept India in the 2014 elections marking the dawn of an endeavoring India, AAP ran the same predicament in Delhi and eventually swept the elections.

As the common man, #Kejriwal has produced a shocker in a good way with a thumping win over their opponent. Not sure if Kejriwal or Yogender Yadav had any inclination of victory but credit goes to #AAP populist agenda and garnering voters sympathy to form the next government.

Here is what AAP has promised Delhi, the question remains, will they deliver or will dejavu set in for AAP ? We will have to wait and see.

1) Full statehood to Delhi: This would bring the brash police force and scrutiny to ‘law and order’ away from the central government and under the control of the Delhi government.

2) Electricity, Water and Sanitation: Electricity bill to be halved. A promise of 700 litres of free water to be delivered per household.

3) Education system: Opening of 500 new schools and 20 new colleges with transparency to Nursery and kindergarten admissions and monitored tab on school fee structure.

4) Healthcare: Health Cards, free ambulance, eradication of Dengue and a 24 hour helpline will be provided to Delhi residents.

5) Women’s right and safety: Adequate street lighting, CCTVs in public space including  public transport. Setting up of Woman’s security force among other measurements.

6) Wifi City: Delhi will be made a wi-fi city with free access to all residents.

7) Jan Lokpal bill: AAP has once again resolved to pass Jan Lokpal bill that would put all public officials, including Chief Ministers, Ministers and MLAs, under that purview of investigation.

In conclusion, I’m hopeful this time and do not expect #Kejrival and AAP to throw similar tantrums if they lack support from the central government. The onus is on #Kejriwal and company to deliver the goods to the public, who, in a democracy like ours, makes or breaks the term. In jest, I’m banking on autowalas to go by the meter & Mr #Kejrival and his party workers to work from an aam aadmi point of view.


Also stop giving these kind of statements, it scares hell out of me. I will be the last person seeing you sitting on dharna without delivering.



Also read on Reddit about delivery of your promises, it says.

AAP has 1825 days to keep their promises of

– 500 new schools

– 20 new colleges

– 1500000 CCTV cameras

– 200000 public toilets

So at an average,

– a school to be started in every 3.65 days

– a college to be started in every 91.25 days

– a CCTV to be installed in every 2 mins

– a public toilet to be build in every 13 mins

All this will be funded by 50% cut in electricity tariff, VAT reduction, free water and WiFi….


So better start working from now.