Random Thoughts: On television, newspaper & media


When I was a little kid we only had Doordarshan, India’s national channel & It had limited hours dedicated for news. Currently we have 25+ hindi & english channel catering 24/7 news.  If we add up entertainment/lifestyle/sports the list will go over 200. It is same with newspapers.

I have not purchased a newspaper in last 3-4 years nor owned a TV. I will chalk down my thoughts & reasons  for the same.

  1. The quality of Media content has gone low, editorial has no substance & TV debates are like cat fight.
  2. TV or newspaper are all about creating sensation.
  3. Instead of  being source of information they have turned as infotainment.
  4.  Most of these newspapers or TV channels are run by politicians with a specific propaganda.
  5. I get to know more about brand with 10 page of advertisement or multiple TV breaks instead news that i can relate to.

Do you like reading newspaper these days or watching debate on news channels? How do you keep up with it?