Nepal is suffering & you are all responsible


Ordinary Nepali friends are in real pain & I have written about same before in my previous blog.

Who are the real culprits for current situation:

Nepali Politicians

Nepali politicians are thick skinned. They are part of every deal be it taking bribe from India or China for giving contracts or  channeling  money to personal pocket out of millions  received from world as aid in recent earthquake. Be it Oli, Prachanda or Madheshi all are same living in distant world. Why at very first place the constitution got passed with having severe discrepancies?

Why is ruling government not taking correct measures to restore peace in Tarai part, why are protesters getting shot on point blank? Can you all calm down, quit your ego & think for the  starving family out on remote hills or the poor farmers/laborers in Tarai. All these while you been appointing naxalites & murderers to top position, is this how you are aiming for progressive Nepal?

Indian Government 

I have high regards for prime minister Mr. Modi but what is this blockade going on? Why are our diplomates so useless & what has we got to do with Nepali constitution? Don’t we have enough problem in our own country which requires immediate attention? Nepal has moved on, stop being big brother to them, the new leaders think they are more happy keeping equidistant relationship b/w India & China. What is wrong with that?

Nepali Police

Stop treating protesters like dogs, they are as Nepali as you are. You have already killed 50+ so far, how many more is the target? Do let us know if there is a bounty/prize/medals Prachanda or Oli is giving you for the same or is it Chinese arms manufacturers?

Chinese Government

If  China thinks by they can get into minds/nerves of ordinary Nepalis & replace it India its not happening. India & Nepal has 100+ years of cultural bonding. China should come clean with its intention, we all know how much ruling politicians are aligned to them.

Nepali Journalist 

Well Nepali journalists are competing with Indian counterparts. I am yet to find a single journalist sitting in Kathmandu asking tough question from Oli on constitution amendments to killing of protesters to excessive force in Tarai. All this while they been governments cheerleader & throwing muds against India. My request to all of them is just grow up & think beyond being Anti-Indian or Anti-Madhesh. What have you done about human rights violation happening in Tarai?

Journalism is considered 3ed pillar of democracy  but all these days what you folks are doing is hate mongering, racist slur, spreading lies & propaganda. Can you all stop spreading lies & do fact checking before sharing it among your followers on social media & writing for you newspaper?

Nepali People 

Can we stop fighting with each other & discriminating on basis of origin Dhoti VS Pahadi

Ask tough questions from your government be it blockade or constitution or equal rights for women

Agitation will do no good & will harm overall country.

Everything has a price & India as well as China knows about it.

Stop wasting time on free NCELL plan fighting over unnecessary issues & burning blood on social media platforms.  Your government is not listening, next time go vote & select right candidate/ministers.

Also stop blaming India for all your problems we been your friends for century & helped you in all good/bad situations.

China can only compliment to an extent with resources [arms, petrol or bribing politicians], it cannot replace Indo-Nepali ties. Stop living in dreams & believing in what your media or politicians are saying.

My friend Binaya reminded me of John Lennon — Imagine, embedding the same here.