Moving On, last day at The New Stack


Leaving an organization is extremely difficult especially when  you have been part of it from day Zero[or before] or a 1st/2nd hire.  But as someone said every great thing comes with an expiry date hence here I am writing my post on my last day of work at The New Stack.

The Journey

I got to know Alex [Founder of The New Stack] via Krishnan   met in Portland during OSCON & got to know about this opportunity.  I was more than happy to take the task as my work included getting website developed with remote developers, find interesting authors/contributors & spread word about The New Stack, building an awesome community via social media, offline mediums, meetups.


It was great almost 2 yrs journey with Alex & The New Stack team. The team has grown so does our visibility, people talk about us & quality of our published content.

  1. I got to meet so many amazing people & made few good friends.
  2. Great amount of  learning & mentoring from Alex[he will continue doing so 🙂 ] and rest of the team.
  3. Keeping nerves in place during situations like server downtimes or verbal  arguments with people loaded with Egos.
  4. Getting more work done with being  empathetic with co-workers
  5. I have my own podcast  channel now, credit goes to Alex for the pep talk. [Be humble, honest & let the people talk.]
  6. I feel being more confident, relaxed, happy about everything in Life

Personal Goal

I am an average writer so plan is to keep working on my writing skills & occasionally submit some contributors post for The New Stack[considering my writing skill qualifies :D]

Last Not The Least 

OpenStack project has been one common connection or reason I got this gig or met Alex & Krishnan. I am thankful to the folks for pulling up such a brilliant project & uniting so many like minded folks on planet.  I have not written about it in long a separate blog will be posted soon.