Random Thoughts: On working remotely


I have completed almost 2+ years working remotely. I can only say its not an easy job  & requires well defined process in place. I just felt like sharing what could be the best way to avoid conflicts across team members & abiding to timeline.

Daily Communication Tools
To communicate with the daily activities with your team members it is important to have a communication channel which can be Slack or IRC or else.

If something is important sending an e-mail will be a super wise idea.

Scheduled Team Meetings
Considering a remote team with members present in multiple timezones, it is extremely important to have a fixed day & time in week for the meeting. The same can use tools like google calendar for the same. One can have a audio/video conversation on tools like Skype, join.me, Google Hangouts or Others

Project Management
It is also important to have a project management tool with roadmaps, current assigned task to each member of the team. It gives good idea what a particular member is working on this week or month. We have so many tools like Asana, Basecamp.

Pep Talk & some empathy
It often happens when the team grows rapidly some members start getting less feedbacks or response because the lead is busy with other more important tasks. A team lead should have one to one personal communication with each of its member for feedbacks, motivation & rest.

Last not the least its good to have some empathy for each & every member of the team because you never know what current situation he/she is going through along with giving 40hrs of his/hers weekly for the organization.