Random thoughts: On Romanticizing Failures


People say success & failures are complementary. It is like two side of coin & both co-exist. Over last few years I have noticed in every spectrum people are celebrating failures be it cover page of famous magazine, online portal, help/advice avenues like Quora or social media portals like Twitter, Facebook, Medium or LinkedIn.

 I have nothing against them, these are my thoughts :

  1. Weather its absolute NO in love/relationship.
  2. Not clearing interview of your dream job
  3. Failing miserably after taking enormous amount of funding from external investors.
  4. Got backstabbed by best friend or business partner.

I have gone through some of these & all I can say is coping up with failures is not easy. It can hit you hard & at times it can cost your life.

I have learnt from my past & moved on. I am not going to write a best-selling book glorifying my failure because someone has done so, in the end it is a failure. I don’t need extended coverage defining my celebration but an extended coverage of how I fixed my failure, my only hope with this is that it will help others not take the same route.

What are your thoughts about failing?