Random Thoughts: On Identity

When we were born we had no identity, we were just another creature on planet Earth.

Then came :

  1. Parents : religion, caste, surname
  2. Physical appearance: Looks, Color, Weight, Height
  3. Personal nature: Empathic, Rude, Jolly
  4. Job & Education: MIT/IIT/IIM/XLRI/MIT/Harvard
  5. Social Status: Bank balance, Car, House

You will be judged & reminded about your identity at all these 5 places the moment you will fail to deliver or try to go out of the league.

You have got 2 options

  1. Follow the norm, try carving out Identity for yourself at all those stages.
  2. Be a rebel & build your own identity like hackers, visionaries  & painters

What are your thoughts?