My first 60 days at minio


Most of my close friends know that I joined  couple of months back. As a developer evangelist, most of my time is spent getting application developers excited, evangelize Minio and also hack on Minio’s software stack (yes you heard it right!)

Minio stands for minimal cloud storage and derives from our belief in the philosophy minimalism.  “Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” Nicholas Burroughs

Philosophy aside on the technical side –

Minio is an open source Cloud Storage server written in Golang, compatible with Amazon S3 and released under Apache 2.0 license.

I would like to share what has been my learning this far in this short duration:

  1. Got back to hardcore technology & spending good amount of time playing with newer technologies such as Cloud Storage, Micro Storage, Micro Services.
  2. Started using github almost daily.
  3. Writing bash scripts & hoping to convert them to python scripts later this year.
  4. Got into habit of waking up early, yes 9:00 am. (we have our daily round table)
  5. Contributing to stackoverflow, quora etc.
  6. Realized markdown is better than docbook. 😛
  7. Back on Ubuntu as my primary machine, did not enjoy Macbook for development/testing work.
  8. Getting mentored from every single member of the team about technology and life.


Minio is a Open Source project & contributions are welcome. We all hang out at Minio Gitter chat channel. My nick is @koolhead17, holler me!