Some Apps/Hyperlocal service which I regularly/occasionally use.


We are living in App driven economy from Match making to Cab to Pastry to Doctor all it needs is a mobile phone loaded with app.  You can get world news, podcast, jokes everything in this little supercomputer called smartphone.

I am part of this same world like you all & felt like sharing my favorite ones. I use Android hence adding app links in title.

Podcast Addict:  I am addicted to listening podcasts, podcast addict app on Android is one simple app for me.

Ola Cabs: I don’t have to say much about it, local commuting via a mobile app. I prefer taking Ola Auto & saves lot of my blood because autowalas go by meter.

Nafex : It took me less than 30 mins to get some Euro for my recent trip  & got great deal. They are aggregators of various forex agency in town.

Strike:  An app which runs inside google mail app & via email id tracks other social media connection. I use it regularly, it is still in early beta. [Disclaimer: Founders are good friend of mine.]

Reddit:  I get most of my news, crazy cat gifs from Reddit

Pocket: I get curated set of suggested stories & also save stories for future reading. Most of my Interesting Reads goes inside it.

Buffer: I don’t have any of the social media app on my mobile & Buffer is one app which gets me everything.

Dunzo: Its a concierge app available in Bangalore, India.  I get most of my little stuff including pastry & water delivered from them. [Disclaimer:  Founders are my close friends of mine]

Workflowy:  I don’t keep a note because i have got this simple app Workflowy, it solves my requirement.

I would love to know about your app kit, feel free to share the same if you like.