I have reread Ray Dalio’s book: Principles. The book circles around a set of a checklist. I asked myself if I will become a robot following the steps described in the book.

I have been meeting new people every week these days. I am learning to sell. I find the application of “Principles” helping me. I have written it down as a note on my phone. Before I enter for the meeting, I read it a few times.

  1. Listen, listen, listen.
  2. Be humble and empathetic.
  3. Be honest about the product.

I have gotten this feeling that sales and psychotherapists have got one thing in common, they listen a lot and speak up only when required.

Ray Dalio also talks about a few other key things.

  1. Radical transparency
  2. Radical Openness
  3. Radical Honestly

I would like to add one more to the list: Radical Fearlessness.