Stoic practices

The Little Book of Stoicism mentions 54 practice which the author recommends their users to follow. It will bring the reader closer to practicing stoicism.

I am adding some of the most meaningful ones I could associate with:

  1. Accept And Love Whatever Happens
  2. Undertake Actions with a Reserve Clause
  3. Remind Yourself of the Impermanence of Things
  4. Contemplate Your Own Death
  5. Consider Everything as Borrowed from Nature
  6. Negative Visualization: Foreseeing Bad Stuff
  7. Prepare Yourself for the Day: The Stoic Morning Routine
  8. Review Your Day: The Stoic Evening Routine
  9. Keep a Role Model in Mind: Contemplate the Stoic Sage
  10. Play Your Given Roles Well
  11. Eliminate the Nonessential, practice minimalism
  12. Forget Fame
  13. Win at What Matters
  14. Take Back Your Time: Limit consumption of externalities (news, social media et al)
  15. Become an Eternal Student
  16. Do What Needs to Get Done
  17. Your Judgment Harms You
  18. How to Deal With Grief
  19. Choose Courage and Calm over Anger
  20. Beat Fear with Preparation and Reason
  21. Pain and Provocation: Great Opportunities for Virtue
  22. Stay Equanimous
  23. Life Is Supposed to Be Challenging
  24. Count Your Blessings
  25. Be kindness and practice Empathy
  26. Do Good, Be Good
  27. We are part of the same universe
  28. Find Your Own Faults
  29. Forgive and Love Those Who Stumble
  30. Pity Rather than Blame the Wrongdoer
  31. Scratches Happen In Training
  32. Choose Your Company Well
  33. Say Only What’s Not Better Left Unsaid
  34. Lead by Example
  35. Blame Your Expectations