On Steve Jobs

I was reading the book title: Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos: Building 2 Valuable Brands in America. I liked the author’s writing style, simple and to the point.

These are summary of authors observation from the life of Steve Jobs. I am sure most of us have read all these in one of the other books or blogs published.When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

  • Traveling Is One of the Best Forms of Education
  • Explore Your Spirituality
  • Start Early
  • Passion and True Love Comes First
  • Trust Your Instinct
  • Stay Focused
  • Sell a Dream not a Product
  • Own Your Mistakes
  • Know Yourself
  • Overcome Your Failures
  • Stand for What You Believe In
  • Always Persevere
  • Have Full Confidence
  • Value People, Not Money
  • Surround Yourself with Great Brilliance
  • You Become the Company You Create
  • Focus On the Goal
  • Learn to Love Change
  • Never Succumb to Social Conformity
  • Simplify
  • Put Products Before Profits
  • Listen to Your Customer
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  • Pursue Greatness Over Money
  • Share Your Wisdom