On Jeff Bezos

Continuing to the section from the book title: Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos: Building 2 Valuable Brands in America. These are some learnings author shares from Jeff Bezos.

  • Act, Even If It Means Taking Risks
  • Think Long Term
  • Be Stubborn, Flexible, and Realistic
  • Know Your Limitations
  • Adjust Business Plans Before Expanding
  • Your Customer’s Voice Matters Most
  • Let Your Competitors Ride with You
  • Don’t waste time Reinventing the wheel
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Be obsessed with customers, not competitors
  • People matters
  • Set the bar high
  • Empower your team
  • Pay to Quit
  • Don’t predict the Future, Invent it
  • Use Memos, kill pointers in meetings
  • Don’t give up information unless necessary
  • Adapt to new technology